Saturday, May 14, 2011

12 Months

A little delayed... but I had to do a 12 Month profile!! I've enjoyed looking back on each month and seeing how much Nate really has changed from month to month:)

The Stats
  • Weight : 21 lbs 1 oz (25%)
  • Height: 30 inches (60%)
  • 18 & 24 month sized tops
  • 12 & 18 month-sized bottoms
  • Two naps- morning and afternoon
  • Sleeps through the night sometimes (9pm-6am)
  • Or wakes at 12am and 5am
  • Nursing 3-4x every 24 hours, but usually when it's dark outside... LOL!!
  • Tooth count: 8 total, but looks like 2 more on the bottom soon (reason for all the drool)

New Tricks
  • Walking everywhere
  • Climbing everywhere (over the gate at the bottom of the stairs, into his walker, upstairs at playgrounds, onto the couch & kitchen table)

  • Points to stuff… so cute
  • Brings me his burpcloth when he wants to nurse
  • Tries to climb into his crib when he is sleepy
  • "Talks" to us (seen in his cake smash video)

Favorite Things to Do
  • Be outside... anything outside
  • Carry around markers
  • Swing
  • Slide

  • Getting pushed around in the stroller (this doesn’t fit his personality… to me)
  • Getting dirty
  • Playing with the kitchen set in the play room
  • Sit in a lap to listen to a book (he loves it, lasts about 5-10 minutes though)

“Bad” Habits
  • Doesn’t come when we call him… he’s little, I know, but training begins now;)
  • Likes to sit in the fridge
  • Tries to climb on the kitchen stool… it’s left marks from their wrestling
  • Stomps feet or falls to ground when he’s mad
  • Getting stuck in high places
  • Pointing and leading us to what he wants
  • "Mama, Dada"
  • "Shhh"
  • "At, at, at" (while shaking his head)
  • sounds like he says "dat"
What We’re Watching For
  • His weight bothers me… need to fatten him up
  • More drool and lots of it
  • Working on more sounds and reading to him more
  • Climbing on things that can fall or be dangerous (like the oven.... yes, he hangs on it)
  • Sunscreen for his bright white skin ... LOL!!
Momma's Thoughts

My little 1-year old (oh, my!!) is keeping us busy!! Besides keeping him fed and clean, the majority of his awake time I am keeping him from climbing things too high or getting into really big messes (like dumping food from the table onto himself... yes, he reaches onto the table to help himself!!). When Chris was a little guy I thought there could be no baby on Earth busier than he was.... I was wrong;)

And while Nate is a very determined little guy, he can usually be talked into whatever needs to be done. I'm almost ready to call him "easy going". He just loves to be a part of whatever we're doing and so he fits right in;) And he gets frustrated when he can't do what the older kids are doing... like playing upstairs or when they go into the schoolroom to do their schoolwork (right now he's NOT allowed in that room!!).

His little smile melts me. It is just precious and he's usually pretty content so we see it often. I love that Anna, Chris and Lydia also love his smile and will be silly to make him laugh and smile, too! He's also starting to play "wrestle" with them, especially Lydia... I guess she looks more his size and she's always been very gentle with him. Although the other day he took on Chris... I actually to get him off of Chris' face... he was using Chris like a stool, oh and Chris loved every moment. They will be good brothers for one another in a couple of years:)

It's been a great year with Nate and I'm soo thankful we still have some snugly moments left:)


Susie B. Homemaker said...

He is definitely long and lean. My oldest is like that and it always bothered me too how thin she was (and still is at almost 6 yrs. old). Great way to document all his behaviors at 1 years old. :)

Drea said...

Nate is such a cutie. I wouldnt be to concerned with his weight. Hes thinner than Lydia was and a wee bit thinner than Owen, but I think he looks great. Just lean :)

I cant believe how much he climbs!! Its so funny how different every baby is... Owen has yet to show any interest in climbing. In fact the only thing he even attempts to climb are the deck steps... thats it! :) I am thankful for that haha, but it does keep you guessing with nate :)

Margaret said...

I, also, wouldn't worry too much about the weight thing. My 8.5yo is 49lbs. I kid you not. Skinny, skinny child. He eats good stuff, just is always, always running. Everywhere. He will be in a booster until he is 12, I think. :)

And Nate is adorable. :)

Sarah said...

Awww! He is getting so big! I lkove reading these.

Serendipity is Sweet said...

Gorgeous pics. So funny and sweet ;)