Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly Wrap-up: Sandwiches and Drawing Books

All 3 kids finished their Awana books;) It was great to finish, to work weekly on the books and see them completed. Even better, I love that my kids will flip through their books and "practice" old verses. By reviewing, they are truly hiding these verses in their hearts and not just getting points or signing off on a section:) Praying that this season, my kids learn to LOVE God's Word and I'm soo thankful for Awana to help in this desire!!

We're continuing to make our Thankful Stars... they are filling up the 3 windows of the schoolroom:)

Language Arts
Anna and I finished both her Spelling and Grammar books this week. Ahhh, again nice to work hard and complete a book!!

I also tried to be more diligent to read on the couch with her while the "little" ones nap. SO we read through more in-depth science and history materials.

We are also working through The Door in the Wall.. yes, still!! It seems like we can only get a few chapters read each week;) But the kids are liking it more and more, so hoping to finish it soon.

Chris did a lesson in the blue book (stretched into 2 days) but then wanted to read a "real" book. I was fine with that... I really want him to learn to read, but more importantly enjoy reading;) He picked a book that was perfect... he had to learn a few words, but he remembered the story and got through it;)

Can you guess what the book was??

Lydia worked on some workbook pages and did some writing practice;) We did read through a Bob Book together, too:)


Anna has been working through her subtraction facts!! She's been using flashcards, Wrap Ups and good 'ole pencil and paper writing down subtraction families. She can figure out the facts, but she doesn't know them. SO we're hoping exposure and lots of practice will get those facts memorized;)

Chris did 3 or 4 lessons this week.... 2 of the lessons were really fun;) FOr the 1st one, Anna made a mini store with 4 or 5 items for him to "buy" with dimes and pennies;) She loves playing store so she helped him out;)
The next day he was learning how to cut squares into half. So for our "hands on" part, he made ME a sandwich for lunch:)

He just kept cutting the bread into halves... so we learned 1/4 too;)
Lydia again did and puzzles. She's been practicing adding with Chris and Anna. She also is copying numbers. She bought a calculator as a treat at the Dollar Tree and has been putting numbers into it and then copying the answers down.... yes, she is desperate to school:)

We studied the Space Shuttle, their missions and what life is like for an astronaut in space. We worked on the coloring pages I found last week and read from the collection of space books we had. But the kids LOVED watching the NASA Our Word YouTube videos that talked about gravity and showed some of the astronauts floating around in space;) They also liked the video of them catching their food:)

We did a little writing assignment about what they'd like best about going into space. They love the writing sheets that give them spaces to write and draw.

We studied about the War of the Roses basically the English royalty fighting over the throne and ending with Henry Tudor. We also learned about one of the characters Richard III who hid his nephews away (and then had them murdered) so that he could be king. As usual, the kids enjoyed the coloring sheets and the map activity:)

We also made a Tower of London pop-out card. I have pics but they didn't make it to the computer tonight :(

On Wednesday we ditched the books and went roller skating!! It was a Homeschool Skate in the late morning/early afternoon. Andrea met us there and we had 2 other friends from our homeschool group come too;) The kids had a blast and cheered when they announced ONE more skate date... so we'll be going in June, too!! Maybe this time I'll have my camera;)

Pic of the Week
Me eating some of the sandwich that Chris made for me;) Couldn't wait for lunch for the chef to get his praise;)

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Jenny said...

What a great week! That is so cute that Lydia is using the calculator.