Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Lydia approached me about what she wanted to eat for breakfast....

kind of different since Lydia isn't a big breakfast eater, I"'m usually trying to talk HER into something.

She says," I want to eat two crabs for breakfast."

I KNOW I gave her a confused look.... she's asking to eat something for breakfast AND it's something she's never eaten before (and we've not eaten since having kids!!).

She adds," They don't pinch me when I eat them!"

I walk into the room coughing. Brian and Chris look at me.

I attempt to tell them," I feel like I have granola stuck in my throat."

Chris attempts to diagnose me," Is it stuck in your tube? ... [pause]... Is it blocking all your air?"

And Brian isn't TINY... but when he studies all day, he comes out with a goofy sense of humor!

Trying to get dinner on the table I asked him if he could get everyone's cups prepared and on the table.

He responds back [totally joking, of course],"I bet Priscilla never asked Elvis to get the drinks!"

Then in his Priscilla Presley voice he adds," Elvis, stop that hounding dogging and get the drinks for supper!"

[groan] LOL!!!

On Sunday I wore a rather BOLD top that I don't really like... but it was the Sunday before Memorial Day and looks nice on. Anyway, Sunday morning I got some sweet compliments but Sunday night I was undecided whether I should put it on again:)

And that's when my very practical and nurturing Anna says to me, "Mom, I think you should wear it. Remember, it's what is on the inside that matters more than what's on the outside, like your clothes."

I thanked her (she was listening!!) and walking into my bedroom to get the pants, unknowing that Brian wasn't fully dressed!!

But Anna followed me and looked at Brian and said, "Daddy, you can't not wear that.... I have to get out of here!!"

Aren't kiddos funny??? Mary has more and a linky at her blog, here!


Kathleen@so much to say said...

Oh, those are great moments to remember.

Sarah @GettingfromHeretoThere said...

What Anna said is just lovely :-) It's nice when you realise the your kids pick up the important things.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Love the extreme change when she saw what daddy was wearing :)

Happy TTT!