Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Cake Smash (pics & video)

Celebrating Nate's birthday with giving him his own cake isn't really new to us. But we've alsway been inside and not willing to let them destroy the cake. Watching Nate with his cake though was sooo much fun;) LOL!!!

WE started off singing to him and he started off pretty slow...

I love this pic... so surprised he is just given a whole cake!

He kept using the candle as a spoon so we did take the candle :(

He sure enjoyed his cake;)

And thanks to Andrea for making videos and uploading them for us!!


Jenny said...

Cute! Those are fun pics!

Shannon said...

AWWW! looked like lots of fun and special memories. Love the pictures and the cake was sooooo cute.

Anonymous said...

So cute great photos. Did you makethe cake? If so can you make carsyns smash cake for me. Ha ha