Monday, May 9, 2011

How was your Mother's Day??

For part of it, it looked like this for me.....

I was in the kitchen making lunch (ok, heating up leftovers) for the crew after church. I could hear them having a blast outside and it started to make me ... frustrated.


Yes, that I was once again STUCK in the kitchen instead of being outside with my family. That meals always need to be prepared, and I'm the usual one stuck in the kitchen to do it.

I love the verse that reminds me to "take captive every thought" because in those moments I realize the faultiness of my thinking.

The TRUTH is that during those moments in the kitchen I was "mothering". I was preparing nourishment for my family.... the exact thing that was being celebrated on MOTHER'S DAY... the sacrifices that mothers willingly make to lovingly care for their family.

And so when I dumped the entire (minus 2 glasses for the girls) of OJ all over the floor in the midst of getting lunch on the table.... I laughed (and then cleaned it up)! And was thankful that when my family was ready to enjoy dinner, they had a mother wanting to "mother" and not a bitter, sulking one.

The kids had a wonderful nap time after lunch, giving me a little quiet time of my own;) Then we all ventured out for some dinner (that Mommy didn't have to make or clean) and some time at a local park with friends:)

A lovely Mother's Day:)

161. to be the mother of 4 great children and wife to 1 super husband
162. mini baseball game before dinner
163. tiny baseball gloves
164. big sister rides

165. a silly Daddy giving a lift to home plate
166. kids thankful for leftovers;)
167. the example of sacrificial giving seen in Christ
168. having godly, loving and giving mothers to emulate
169. little ones dragging in garbage cans to help us:)

170. boo-boos easily cared for
171. little hearts wanting to give

173. little dirty toes escaping from sandals
174. first butterfly of the season fluttering by
175. fresh sheets
176. colorful (and delicious) desserts


Sarah said...

I love this post Kelly. You are such an awesome mom.

Kelly L said...

I know what you mean - sometimes I get so frustrated being the mom and having all the responsibility that comes with it - I have to remember that God has blessed me with two wonderful girls and without them I would not be a mom...
following you from Friday follow - sorry I'm late.
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