Thursday, May 19, 2011

At the Store, In the Fields

I often hear "Oh, you must keep really BUSY!" at the grocery store... They see the cart, the kids and they MUST make the comment:)Of course I usually try to say something sweet and then attempt to remember what I was supposed to be picking up next amidst the kid-antics!!

But the other day at the grocery store, as I was pushing one of those HORRIBLE kiddie karts (they talked me into it and I fell for it!!), I stepped back from the scene and was just in awe that those crazy, loud kids crawling all over the kiddie kart were MY KIDS!!! AHHHHH:) And I understood why I get the "oh you must stay really BUSY" comment so much:)

I had to snap a pic (out in the parking lot)...
one day I'll laugh...
one day!!*

Love Chris crawling out the front.
Anna holding some random box.
And Nate who has LOST his pants:)

On this outing I had planned the quick grocery stop
and then to the berry patch.
Being outside seems to ease the BUSYness feeling.... sometimes;)
Ok, 3 out of 4 isn't too bad;)
Out in the field they got to work;)
Anna picking...
Nate eating... didn't see where he got his???
Chris eating, too!
Hmmmm, and Lydia??
She needed to go to the bathroom :/
Yep,told me in the middle of the field & hadn't even picked a berry yet!!
Oh yes!! We stay BUSY...

But it's good;) They have taught me soo much about serving, humility, patience, gratitude, forgiveness, patience, love, laughter, and being a child.

I"m thankful God has allowed me to be BUSY being their "MOMMMY!!!"



Tim & Sarah said...

haha! I can soooo relate! love it!

Kayla Sue said...

This is the best kind of busy :) And yes, one day you will laugh! (Especially since one of them lost their pants!)

Amy Sorensen said...

:) I always say "well, I'm never bored & I'm never lonely". Truthfully 2 things I am grateful for :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Love it!

Rachel Owens said...

These photos are awesome! Esp. the ones in the shopping cart. Yes, you will definitely enjoy looking back on those one day!

Meg said...

My son talks me into those car carts all the time...and he is only 2! Kids just love those, but so hard to manuver.
So glad you got to go berry picking-such a fun outing and a fun sort of busy! :)

Jenny said...

Those pics are too funny. I HATE those dumb car carts!

You are right, that's the good kind of busy!