Monday, February 22, 2010

A Good Weekend= One Tired Momma:)

I am exhausted!!!! And it hasn't been ONLY because I've ben watching the Olympics until midnight every night! No, not me!!!

It's not that we had a very busy or exciting weekend... but it was a nice weekend! One we actually could enjoy being outside and I got some alone shopping time which doesn't happen much!! So BOTH were great TREATS!!

What did I do with my afternoon/early evening out.... I SHOPPED until I about dropped:) LOL!!! I needed a couple of nursing bras (for now and the hopefully 12 months of nursing!!). Right before I left, a friend emailed me a coupon, just out of the blue she had NO clue I was headed out to shop. So I got each of my bras for only $10!! Much better than the $27 on the price tag and they fit perfect which is amazing for me to find a bra on ONE trip!

Then I headed through the mall just browsing and walking! I did stop by Motherhood and got a nursing sweatshirt top... it's super cute!! I was excited that I could wear it NOW and while nursing:) And it was on sale,too!!

Before I left the "big town" I made a stop at Harris Teeter to shop the Super Doubles. I had my list ready (which I did until midnight or later on Friday night), but it was nice to flip through my other coupons and find "new" deals!! I even had my calculator out figuring out deals!! The kids are usually pretty good when I grocery shop, but I'm soo distracted by them, I HAVE to stick with the list and GET OUT:)

I did well at Harris Teeter!! I spent about $26 but saved $71!!! I brought home tons of pasta:) And some treats that I got SUPER, super cheap!! And I so didn't bring home 10 boxes of pasta... after bringing home 10 boxes of cereal last week.... No, Not Me!!

I also stopped by Food Lion to see what sales they had and was sooo excited that they still had some sales from last week up.... I thought I had missed them!! So I got the kids their "safe" semisweet chocolates (under $1) and some Hi-C juice boxes (for $1) (nice for shopping and field trips)!!Oh, and we STOCKED up on some grapes, they are only 88 cents:)

Lydia had fun unpacking all the "goods"!!

We had a great time of worship on Sunday morning... our super sweet college student took the kids up to nursery. She is soo compassionate... I know she enjoys the kids, but she also knows that it's such a nice break/treat for me:) So I got to listen to Brian's sermon AND participate in the Lord's Supper with the church!

After a yummy lunch I had waiting for us in the Crock-Pot (yes, I actually planned ahead this week!!) the kids laid down for a nap. I headed outside to tackle the gardens... I really had let them get too overgrown and it was really bothering me.

So I was outside climbing through the garden ripping out weeds and dead branches of my bushes for over 2.5 hours, instead of resting, no, not me!!!.... lotsa squats and exercise for this preggo momma! Brian came out to pull up a couple of dead bushes for me;) So maybe, maybe, maybe.... my garden might not get soo neglected with Nathaniel coming! And the kids were SOOOOO excited to be able to play outside without being all bundled up or getting cold.

We have a busy start to our week as well!!!

Today we have men coming to work on the heating ducts in the attic. They will be here early and plan to finish in one day!! This will be a good day of keeping the kids FOCUSED on their schoolwork with all the activity through the living room and attic.... makes me even more thankful we have the school room in working order (not finished enough to "show off" yet!!)!

And Tuesday I am hoping to head back into the "big town" for some more Super Doubles at Harris Teeter and run a few more errands:) And then getting our schooling done in the afternoon;)

So my preggo update is coming and in the works.... it's been sitting waiting for an updated photo of my baby belly! Can't believe I'm in the 3rd trimester already... we've got a LOT going on in these last months before Nathaniel arrives!!

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Anonymous said...

Kelly, I think you will not believe me! But guess what? At the supermarket which is only a five-minute-walk away from me they have got Barilla pasta this week for special offer! And I will go and get them on Wednesday! Isn't it funny! I really had to laugh when I saw your pictures and saw the pasta! Well, as I mentioned before some time we do not really have couponing and especially not at this store. But the Barilla pasta will be for 88 cents instead of 1,49 Euro. We will have to share which sorts we have chosen LOL

Meg said...

I have to laugh at your staying up past midnight to watch the Olympics! I'm glad to know I'm not the only mom doing that! I feel like I have a newborn again with the sleep deprivation-but I'm hooked on the Olympics; I figure it's only two weeks! :)

designHER Momma said...

we don't have Harris Teeter in Indy - it makes me so sad!