Monday, October 12, 2009

A Surprise??

I've had a couple people ask me if this pregnancy was a surprise. My initial reaction is "no!!!We've been trying to for over a year!!!!" But then I think WHY that month, "Yes, it was totally a surprise to become pregnant when we did."

The timing is interesting. Since last September we had been trying to conceive. I've watched the calendar, signed up for to keep track of cycles, visited the OB, did ovulation tests some months.....

Finally with that cycle in August, I was exhausted... emotionally, physically and spiritually with everything concerning pregnancy! I started to share some with you on the blog... at least part of the journey I was being taken through. In so many ways I felt like I needed to STOP!! Just stop always being concerned about being pregnant, stop talking about, stop trying to guess when I should take a pregnancy test..... and really get my focus back on the Lord, serving my husband and loving/guiding/teaching my children!!!

So I DID!! With my last cycle, I stopped watching the calendar, didn't use the new set of ovulaton tests we bought, and just focused on my Lord and my family. It was also the time we really started to prepare for homeschool starting. Ahh, it was nice to not have the weight of trying to conceive or worrying about whether we would or not!

And I have to admit that I did know when my period was supposed to start... that was when we discussed hope. That day was supposed to be the day after I turned 30 yrs old and the day we started homeschooling!! To be honest, I was dreading the tough week (new homeschooling schedule, coming off a birthday trip, anticipation of cramps and hormone !!!

So imagine our surprise when those crazy hormones didn't hit. Or that we actually needed a pregnancy test!! We were surprised!! Of all the months.... the month I finally had my heart straight! It was a challenging journey.

My contentment and reliance on the Lord will never be fully complete until I am in His prescence. But until then I can trust Him and be focused on Him and the tasks He has already given us!!

So all that to say that we were surprised! But more thankful than any other reaction!! It has been soo precious to know that God has allowed us to conceive this little Baby! What an amazing gift to be carrying a little human in my belly and for the kids to have a sibling coming that they can snuggle and help with.... they are soo excited too:)


Heather said...

I'm so happy for you all! Isn't that just like the Lord. Ugh, if we could only wait upon him daily. Praying for you. :)

designHER Momma said...

that's a great story and a real testament in putting your hope in the Lord. I'm so happy for your whole family.

Kate said...

Congrats Kelly! The same thing happened the month we conceived Phinny. We had been trying for like 7 months and I was ready for a BREAK! And you know how they say to young teens, "it only takes once!"...well THAT'S true. ;) Haha!

Bunch of Barrons said...

It's awesome how God works. It was the same with when I started dating Billy. I had finally given relationships to God, and told Him I was ready to wait on His timing, and he brought Billy into my life. Awesome. :)

Jenny said...

That is wonderful! I experienced 2 years of infertility and the month I finally decided that I would stop obsessing about it and just travel enjoy the time with my husband more, I actually became pregnant.