Saturday, October 24, 2009

Finally in a Booster!!

We've been pretty fortunate that everytime a kid outgrows their car seat there is another kiddie who needs the seat:) We've noticed that Lydia's carseat was getting a little small for her and that she was now big enough for a Highback Booster.... just in time because Anna height and weight totally qualiied her to be in a regular booster:)

Anna has been sooo excited about moving up into a regular booster... like she sees her friends riding in:) Our state's requirement is that kids 8 yrs old or less than 80 pounds have to be in a carseat/booster....

At first the law seems ridiculous because Brian remembers as a kids traveling hours in the car to see grandparents standing behind his dad's shoulder:) But I'm thankful that these requirements will keep my little ones in their seats longer and hopefully a little more safe in the car!

This week Brian found a DEAL on a booster. We wanted to get a "pretty" one since Anna will be in it until she's 8 and then probably pass it to Lydia. All the cute ones I saw started at $34... for a booster!! Anyway, I sent him into Target and said get it if you can get it under $30... poor thing... LOL!!

Just moments later he came out with an adorable Graco booster under his arm.... I braced myself when I asked him how much.... $20!! It was the last one... super price and great timing:)

And Anna loves it:) At the next stop she begged us to open up the box and let her use it:) So we did:)

Buggy then asked to sit in Anna's pink highback booster... so we let her. She looks soo small in it, but she fits the requirements:)

She fussed on the way home and I thought it was because of the new seat....

Nope, she was just trying to get settled in her new seat:)


Stacey said...

Is Lydia 40 pounds already? That's surprising!! The lowest weight limit for a high back booster is 40 pounds. Also, don't forget that carseats expire :) Most are only good for 6 years. They have a date stamped on them.

Sorry if that sounds annoying. My sister tells me everything about carseats, and wants to take the course to be a tech, so it's always on my mind. There are fines for not installing correctly, and not having your child in the correct seat, as well as carseat expiry. Check into that, and see what the fines are.

I know here, some friends of ours had bought a seat in the US, thinking that they were getting a better deal. They got pulled over for something else, and even though the baby wasn't in the car at the time, he was charged a $200 fine for not having the correct carseat! Insane, I know, but they could have saved themselves the trouble and just done it right the first time. (They were told before they bought the seat that it wasn't legal in Canada.)

MommyK said...

My son just turned 5, but is small at 34 pounds. At the rate he's gaining weight, he'll still be in a 5 point harness until he's 7! Maureen's seat expires this winter, so we'll be replacing hers with the same one Johnny has--the Alpha Omega Elite that converts to a high backed booster.

Drea said...

Awe anna does look proud in that seat!! We got the same graco deal at target for caleb. We more than likely wont move him up tho until the baby needs his new seat. He fits fine still in his current 5 poitn hardness graco seat.. so since he can buckle it fine and all its no biggie. Taites the one tho whos getting snug :) so once he really cant fit into his we will move him to calebs 5 point harness one and then caleb into the booster. THe new baby will use the infact carseat then taites current one (if its not expired by now)

Jenny said...

My daughter is 5 and 40 pounds, but I just can't imagine putting her in a booster seat yet. She's so petite. We bought a Graco Nautilus on clearance for $86 and it fits her perfectly and can be used with a 5 point harness up to 65 pounds!

In my car, she still uses the Britax Marathon we bought when she was a year old. It also goes to 65 pounds and she has lots of extra room in it.

Something to think about, but these videos are why I will keep her in a 5 point harness as long as possible:

Drea said...

Jenny where did you find the Graco Nautilus for 86?! wow thats a steal. That is what Caleb uses. Caleb is 45 lbs and tall enough to be in the backless boosters now. I wont move him til hes prob 6. Love the seat tho!!