Monday, October 26, 2009

Constant Cravings

Well I think I am almost past my nausea stage... I"m still feeling a little sick after eating which is a little different than before. But that means I have been much more opinionated about what I eat...LOL!! I'm not sure if I am actually craving foods or just have a "good excuse" to eat what sounds good to me:)

Brian and I had a funny conversation the other day. I asked him what we could have for a supper that I was fixing for some company. He mentioned one of his favorite dishes, which surprisingly I had all the ingredients to make:)

Anyway, I immediately answered that I didn't think our group would like it or that it wouldn't go with the other items on the menu!! He smirked at me and I asked about his response.

He responded with a question, "Do you like Carribean Chicken and Sausage?" "No," I replied, "it sounds too spicy right now." LOL... he then gladly made his point that I didn't consider his choice of food because it didn't sound good to me. And that I assumed that others wouldn't like it since, it wasn't appealing to me!! LOL

I hadn't even made the connection!!! LOL... and no we haven't had his dish yet... although all the ingredients are in the frig/freezer waiting:)

So what have I been craving?
  • Sandwiches (Subway!!!) that HAVE to have cheese and pickles... meat is optional:)
  • Doughnuts
  • Ice Cream - especially the Mint Chocolate Chip in the Freezer
  • Breaded Chicken Tenders
  • Salad
  • Potatos/French fries

Yes, only healthy things.... LOL!! Glad it's my responsibility to feed my family, so I get to make balanced meals at least twice daily:) I do eat balanced meals, although if I was feeding only myself right now... it wouldn't be pretty... yummy, but not healthy!

Although eating those foods sound like a delicious meal anytime!! LOL I'll have exhibit some self-control and eat healthy (even when it doesn't sound soo appealing). Curbing those daily constant cravings... saving them for those "special days" when I will really enjoy them:)

What were your crazy cravings?? Pregnant or not....


Drea said...

You crave very similar things i do. so maybe we are both having lil boys! hehe

I craved and still do crave LOTS of potatoes and fries.. major major craving of mine.. I think its the salt.

Also really crave subs and sandwiches 2.

Havent craved donuts tho.. but im not a fan of them to begin with.. so thats prob why.

I also crave soda which is weird :) i mean like NORMAL soda, not diet. I never drink normal soda just to drink it... but if we are out i sometimes get a craving for sprite... crazy.

Im so not healthy this pregnancy HAHAHA Taite I was like super pregnant woman.. did not eat ANY junk and no soda. Ate lots of fruit. Maybe thats why my skin was better lol.

Meg said...

That is so funny! When I was pregnant with Harrison I craved sandwiches as well- like you, Subway with loads of pickles!!! But no cheese, infact I didn't want anything dairy at all. I craved healthy foods like salads, vegtables, fresh fruit- and for the first time in my life, meat- I never eat red meat and that was all I craved when I was pregnant with him. Hormones do weird things!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Cravings are so crazy sometimes...:) Glad you are feeling like eating again!

designHER Momma said...

I'm craving hot wings and Jimmy Johns Subs (#9, italian nite club to be exact).

Healthy I am not.

Jenny said...

I craved donuts all of the time when I was pregnant! I could eat 3 custard filled donuts in one sitting!

Now I can barely finish one. They are so rich.

MommyK said...

Before I found out I was pregnant with Johnny, I craved spinach and would eat a whole big bag like a snack. Then I found out I was pregnant, and thought it was a good thing to crave, and bought a whole BUNCH of it...and was promptly disgusted by it. And that was prety much the way it went the whole time. Grocery shopping was miserable because everything looked so gross, and my husband was forbidden to use the word CHICKEN around me because even the word made me gag. It's funny, gross animal smells at work didn't really bother me, but the food stuff was murder.

Erica said...

I guess after my back to back years of being pregnant and nursing, I am totally catching up on all the coffee I couldn't have for all that time!!!

On my all-time list of (non pregnant) cravings:

cheese fries
chicken wings

Yup, I'm on the not so healthy list.

Angela said...

So funny you posted this, I just e-mailed a friend to get her cheese fondu recipe that I have been craving for 2 weeks. I'm not pregnant, but I always want it during the fall.

If you would like, I can make you a small batch :) Your kids couldn't have any b/c of the dairy. It could be a special mommy treat. It's so yummy!

I also craved turkey sandwiches and anything sweet and salty together like chocolate pretzels. My other big craving was Burger King's whoppers. Being so sick, a whopper is all I wanted with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and no onions.

Man I want one now just thinking about it :)