Thursday, October 15, 2009

1st Trimester: Challenges and Pudge

I've shared just a bit about what feeling pregnant has been the last few weeks (the lack of energy) .... to be completely honest I really didn't want share more because I don't want to come across as complaining. I am SOOO overwhelmingly thankful for this pregnancy that the minor inconveniences are sweet reminders that Baby is growing inside of me!

And to be even more honest my family has been "suffering" more than I have...LOL!! I have had a nauseous feeling from week 6 until last week (week 10). I'm not quite sure how to explain it except that I have had a similar feeling a few years ago when the kids had a stomach virus and were getting sick all over the place..... I just had this sick, sinking feeling in my stomach KNOWING that I was next!!!!!

I have that "I know I am next" feeling all day and night whether I eat or not.... the only thing that makes it go away has been sleep:) But I did notice that a small cup of generic Sprite before each meal helped a little.... funny because we NEVER have soda in the house!

My family "suffered" because when you don't feel like eating, you don't do much cooking.... so we've had a lot of chicken nuggets, church leftovers, sandwiches and breakfast for dinner. I always tried to get something on the table and a fruit/veggie!!

Last week I did notice that more types of food started to sound and smell appealing. (I think it all started with my chocolate-topped, cremed-filled Krispie Kremes that my sweet hubby picked up or me!!) And this week I have enjoyed the meals at church and even doing some cooking myself.... although when I do sit to eat my meal, I have to breathe deep, take a sip of soda, let it settle and then enjoy.

Another change has been the "pudge".... baby is about where my hands are, the rest of my tummy is from my organs moving up and pudge... LOL!

I feel like I'm starting to look pregnant, but I'm not really:) It's just one of those pregnant mom milestones... I'm just pudgy around the middle:)

Although, I have pulled out the maternity jeans/pants, because most of mine are no longer comfortable.... why fight it??? LOL

I have enjoyed a website I found that has baby's development week-by-week:) This week talks about pregnancy discomforts, but also that Baby is going through a growth period.... maybe that's why I'm starting to feel hungry again:)

I have one more week of being in my 1st Trimester!! I'm in awe how quickly these first weeks have gone! And I got to hear Baby's heartbeat again this week and I'm soo thankful for everything:)


aunt jaclyn said...

could you be any cuter!! i love that baby already :)

Stacey said...

You look awesome :) I hear you on the baby pudge though. There are those awkward weeks where you just feel fat, no matter how good everyone says you look.

Drea said...

I dont think its complaining at all! Although I got crucified on my blog for saying I had a pimple and gained 5 lbs. But pregnancy comes with its discomforts... and adjustments and theres nothing wrong with voicing those. It does not mean you are ungrateful for your baby... or anything. It is just you expressing how you feel and I think anyone woman who was to say she had NO problems the 1st trimester or an entire pregnancy would be lying lol.

I am totally looking pregnant this week. I had lots of people tell me yesterday at the funeral i looked it lol. Which feels good since 2 weeks ago someone just thought i was getting to donut happy or something HAHAHA..

It is weird tho how quickly you poke out with the 3rd or 4th baby.. I didnt look like this at all with Taite... my stomach was so flat with him til abt 5 months.

Then again I had NO PIMPLES with them either :) so this baby must just be totally different, if not , pregnancy makes no sense to me HAHHA

OH! and im glad to hear im nto the only pregnant mom who feeds her kids nuggets and pancakes for 80% of the meals the 1st 3 months LOL!!

Bunch of Barrons said...

So sweet! :) I remember the nausea with Tirzah...all I could stand to eat was egg biscuits and chicken nuggets, but I was so lucky with Merrick and wasn't sick a day . I didn't show till nearly 5 months the first time...but the second time it was about 12 weeks when people could tell. :) And also, feel free to vent away about discomfort. Been there done that, and we understand how letting it out helps! :)

Meg said...

You look great! I didn't show until very late with my baby- he was my first. I wanted to show so badly because I wanted the whole world to know I was pregnant!:) Enjoy your growing baby and please don't feel bad at all about sharing any pregnancy discomforts- It is definately not complaining. I'm excited for you and will be praying for you, baby, and your family!

aunt jaclyn said...

hehe andrea, i swear i'm not even lying, i had a crazy great all 3 trimesters, no problems. no morning sickness or anything, i worked full time until i got induced. crazy huh? maybe my next will be harder..

Jenny said...

I'm so excited for you. I call it Mommy belly, but even with my first I was too bloated for my normal pants at only 8 weeks.

Angela said...

I think you look great! I love your pudge :) It is so neat the way God makes a womans body grow and change, to make room for your little miracle.

Just wanted you to know, I thought you did a great job with having company and having revival all at the same time. You're a great wife and mom. I've enjoyed watching your faith grow through your diffiulties and now with this blessing. What a great testimony of faithfulness and joy :)

This child is sure to bring joy to your heart :)