Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cinderella... um, Cinderfella

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The topic of discipline has come up more and more in conversations lately. Maybe because I feel like I'm in another "season of training".

We have been using our Penny Jars to encourage good manners and "punish" when manners have been forgotten. While I was saddened that Anna had to have this conversation with her Sunday School teacher, it was a little funny. The teacher asked Anna how I had Christopher sit during school and Anna told her, "Mommy puts three pennies in front of us and if we listen and do a good job we can put them in our jars." LOL... she said it worked like a charm the next Sunday!!

But sometimes pennies aren't enough!! We needed to get creative in our corrections. So in an effort to find a way to serve the family when a stronger correction is needed we've decided to give the kids a washcloth and let them clean the kitchen floor! And unfortunately we've had one who sometimes stays a little busy in the kitchen....

Now introducing our Cinder-fella

Let me share how we do it:)
*Kid given the washcloth - wet of course (but no soap... don't want soap in eyes or anything)
*When they are quietly working (AKA the whining stops), we set a timer for 5 minutes
*After the timer goes off, we talk to them about why they've had this task and how they could have responded to make the situation better
*They return to whatever they were working or supposed to be working on

OK.. I'll admit it isn't perfect! But it gives us another simple option!!


Veggiemomof2 said...

Great idea! My teenagers are gonna hate this tip! :)

grammie said...

So FUNNY!!! Will it advance to dishes when he gets bigger?

Life is Good said...

Thats fun, its kind of like time out, but the floor gets cleaned instead.

Angela said...

That reminds me of a friend who had to cut the grass with scissors for punishment. Her mom was into creative punishment as well. Great idea thanks for sharing :)

angie said...
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Eliza Welch said...

Oops. I commented out of character before. Forgive me and let me start over. :)

I just found your blog, and it's wonderful!

I just started my blog and I would absolutely love it if you would stop by!
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