Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Little "grown" Man

Maybe it's the anticipation of a new baby being in the house in the spring....

Or the "new" fallish, grownie clothes that Christopher had passed down to him by a "cousin" last week because his other pants were too SHORT...

Or the new haircut that Daddy gave him this week...

But Christopher is looking sooo GROWN to us lately. Grandma and Grandaddy also noticed it when they were visiting last week!!

Sure, he's still a little booger sometimes:) LOL... he definitely keeps me on my toes during the day. The girls will bicker with each other (and Chris) but I have to keep tabs on Chris because he is just dangerous.... to himself and others:)

Just today I ran into the room when I heard a CRASH... and there is one of our large speakers on the floor. Chris looks up at me and says, "Opps... I didn't mean to make it fall over. I just wanted to jump from it." Of course... he's a boy... he likes challenges, but the speaker in the living room?

He's definitely in a fun stage!! He loves to explore and learn new things!! And he can be very focused when he is interested in something! I have loved to explore dinosaur books and resources with him this last month... in fact tonight he said that he wanted to be a "dinosaur man" AKA paleontologist:) Dirt, outside, possibility of finding dinosaur bones... yep sounds like a perfect career fit for him right now!!

Of course with every great stage comes challenges!!! With his "exploratory" nature he tends to wander off in search of the next adventure to learn more or to find a better place to dig a hole:) He also wants to make everything a "game" so sometimes simple tasks take forever!! He also loves to make his sisters laugh (and squeal at him) ... just for kicks!

He is also continuing to pull back from his Mommy... he knows he is a boy and that he wants be like his Daddy. He wants to be strong, use tools, eat more (LOL) and to spend time with his Daddy:)

It's both great and "sad" to see my Little Man growing up right before my eyes!! He's definitely teaching me how to be a Mommy to "boys" ... LOL!!I get to learn how to be patient AND give him time and space to explore, climb and dig:)

I want to throw this into this "discussion".... I have been rereading Bringing Up Boys by Dr Dobson. While Dobson really gets deep into cultural issues that he believes are affecting American boys and how they are being raised and taught, I have enjoyed the more practical chapters of mothers/fathers roles and teaching boys:) I've been thankful for this "window" to help me understand my Little Man more!

**We've had a blast outside the last few days... especially Chris, who stopped long enough to let me snapped some of my new favorite pictures of him!!

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Bunch of Barrons said...

I am right there with you, raising an "all-boy" boy. ;) Merrick has 2 speeds: full speed and asleep. haha. I read 2 books that I thought were good also: Your Boy, by Vicki Courtney, and That's My Son, By Rick Johnson. I started Dobson's book but haven't finished it quite yet. I'd been reading Raising your spirited child, by Mary Kurcinka this last week.