Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Self-Dressing

I love that my kids dress themselves:) ANd most times I let them wear what every they pick for the day (or the moment)! Sometimes I have to "help" them if we're going out or to church:) But usually they do it and it's fun to see what they choose:)

When Grammie and Pey were visiting on Monday, Christopher greeted him in this outfit!!! Oh my!!

He loves the hand-me-down camo pants:) But we're having a hard time finding shirts that really "match"....

Oh, and you have to notice the bright green crocs that pulls the whole outfit together:)

Every morning, she gets up and hangs out for about 5 minutes and then she gets totally dressed by herself.... she's the only child or adult in our house not in PJs for breakfast!!

Lydia came out of her room with her shirt like this, this morning!! I told her that her shirt was funny. She smiled back and said that she really liked the shirt and she had "picked it" to wear today:)

But like most of Lydia's initial morning clothing choices, the shirt didn't make it through her bowl of oatmeal:)


Bunch of Barrons said...

Hilarious! :) Merrick looks like that sometimes when Billy dresses him. ;) hahaha. So cute.

Drea said...

chris looks cute :) lydia seems to get pants and shirts backwards a lot hehe.
most times i see chris he has one color croc on with someone elses flip flop, so he did good!