Monday, October 12, 2009

A Day with Grammie

We finally got to go to see my family last weekend... we had been tryignt o get up there for 3 weeks now. Unfortunately their schedule was busy (and we never did get to see my dad), but we got some time in the afternoon with Grammie!!! So this is a glimpse of what hanging out with Grammie looks like:

Plane Watching...

Tee-pee living...

And polar swimming.... (Anna jumped underwater and Christopher playing on the stairs... are his lips BLUE?)

Yes, it is early October and my kids were in the swimming pool. They tried to convince we to "try" it... ummm... no:)

There are PLENTY of adventures with Grammie around.. I've got such a great mom, who also makes a fabulous Grammie! Of course, I think she's finally found a group of people who like the same kind of adventures she likes:)

We also saw Hannah Grace:) We have some fun, silly pics of her... probably tommorrow:)

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