Monday, October 19, 2009

Hanging Out at the Mall

While we had company we ventured out to meet up with Scott and Bea... can you believe they have already been married 1 year??? Here are some memories:)
Happy belated Anniversary Scott and Bea!!!

The kids LOVE their uncle and aunt and really enjoyed the visit.

Anna really took to Aunt Bea quickly, even going "shopping" for jeans with her. Poor Bea was stuck in the changing room with an armload of jeans and a very opinionated 5 yr old...LOL

Here is Chris..... the one providing the entertainment... as usual!! He later told us that he spent his time at the mall reading books at Barnes & Noble with Uncle Scott!!

Grandma in all her glory:) Snuggling (even in public) with her grandbaby!!! And poor little Lydi-Bug was complaining about a hurting tooth (I think those 2 yr molars are finally poking through) and so she slept through supper and didn't eat until she could get some oatmeal at home:)

Believe it or not but that trip was our only adventure with Brian's parents visiting. On Friday we were hit with a cold and didn't feel like doing a thing... Brian rested and I did what I could. Grandma and Grandaddy kept the kids busy or did the kids keep Grandma and Grandaddy busy... LOL

We all had a great time with Grandma and Grandaddy and hated to see them go so quickly!! And we hope that they stay well... with three kids with the sniffles and two adults sick, it will be a miracle for them to not have some cold symptoms.

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Bea said...

Thank you guys!, also thank you for coming down and spend some time with us!. It was a lot of fun to go shopping with Anna, I think we get along very well! ;o)