Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WW: Our Coolest Pumpkin Pic... and how we got there:)

The Process

On Saturday evening, we got started!!! In previous years Brian and I did the bulk of the work cleaning out the pumpkin(s), but I was sooo impressed with how much Anna and Christopher wanted to do!!! They took turns scraping and scooping out the gooky stuff:) And Lydia is not pictured because she wanted nothing to with the gooo.... LOL!!!

I LOVED that they had a similiar goal: Clean out the pumpkin! But much different methods:) Chris just sticking his hand down inside and Anna holding it tight and angled with her legs:)

On Monday Grammie and Pey got to visit for part of the day. I had in mind Grammie helping us carve out our pumpkin... well Grammie jumped one the job and I relaxed a bit... staying close to keep kids in line when needed:)

They decided to go with a "fishbowl" idea.... and they got to carving:)
Anna was soo pleased with the pumpkin. I know she liked working with Grammie on it, too!! In fact she told Grammie, "I'm soo glad you came and helped us with the pumpkin... we couldn't have done it without you!" Touches a Grammie's heart:)

We wanted to see what it would look like lit up. So we went into the hall and made it into our darkroom and lit the candle. That's how we got the cool picture of Chris with the pumpkin!

The girls wanted their own opportunity to have a pumpkin picture,too:) So here is the final finished product (Grammie added some bubbles)!!

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SmallWorld at Home said...

Those are fanTASTIC!!

Dee said...

I think they're all great pictures!

Cascia said...

Cool pumpkins! Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Jenny said...

How fun!

Brandy said...

Amazing!!! I love the pumpkin pics!!

Felicia said...

That is awesome!

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

I love the fish bowl idea. Very creative. The kids can be proud of them selves it's beautiful!

Angela said...

What great pictures! And what a great memory for your children to have. Thanks so much for posting this.

I went to a store in Clemens, NC that you would have LOVED! I kept thinking of you and wishing you could have been with me to enjoy it. It's called Kaplans. It's their warehouse and showroom all in one. They have lots of educational toys and books. It was AWESOME! I got some catalogs for you. Looking forward to being home and hanging out soon. :)

LT said...

They turned out wonderful! I just love the fishbowl idea, and it was fun to see their process!
Great photos!

Cathy said...

That is awesome..