Thursday, October 8, 2009

History Confession and Mummies

This morning I finally just had to make our history a "priority"... I"ve really been slacking in the history studies. For a couple of reasons. One is that after 2 hours of "school work" both Anna and I are DONE.... lol... we're both tired and need a change of scenery. And to be honest, Lydia and Christopher are done "trying to be quiet"!!

So our "history time" has been pushed back until the younger two lay down for naps!

But (here's more honesty) Anna and I both require naps. She definitely got it from me.. heheehee... I napped after school even through high school:) For a little while I was trying to get in some reading or history with Anna but I started to get those droopy eyes and slowed and a couple of times I caught myself speaking gibberish or completely not sure what I had read or not read:) Must be more of that 1st Trimester "energy zap"!

There is the confession !! Here are some funny quotes from the kids during our history reading today:

Christopher had been playing /listening at our feet while we read. When we starting looking through all the etra books with pictures, he jumped right into the discussion we were having about Egyptian mummies;)

After a moment of flipping/reading through a couple of different books, Christopher asked me," Mommy, where is the picture of the man covered up in toilet paper?" LOL... obviously, he meant linens soaked in preserving agents, like salt, etc!

After we read, looking through other resources/books and review, Anna gets to narrate to me what she has learned from the chapter we read. Part of Anna's narration from today's chapter reads:

To make a mummy they got all of his yucky stuff out. Then they
put him in salt. Next they covered him with tape.

So we are getting what we can...LOL!! I've actually considered taking longer with the materials since my kids are soo young! But they really have enjoyed reading about Egypt and then seeing the information in pictures from other resources and even the Internet. So much of the information is sooo different that what they have seen or heard before so I like that they are being exposed to Ancient Civilizations this young... think about how much they'll enjoy museums in a couple of years!

The picture is from us playing with clay yesterday in an effort to thnk about how hard it would have been to write in clay like the Sumerians:) I had hoped we could compose some letters to one another using the code we had.... but we made a dinosaur Anna did make an A and some of the heiroglyphic shapes.

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