Wednesday, June 1, 2011

13 Months & Nate's Hair??

The Stats
  • Still same clothing sizes
  • Still two naps :)
  • Drumroll........ sleeping through the night!!!
  • Nursing 2x a day - 5:30/6am and before bed
  • Tooth count: still 8 and those bottom ones are stubborn!
  • Popsicles
  • Milk... he's been drinking a TON (probably the heat)
  • Cinnamon roll
  • Stir-fry veggies... he eats them all - squash, peppers, onion, carrot, snap beans
  • Still loving avocado
  • Cookie Crisp Cereal... LOL!! He fusses and points when he sees the box!

New tricks
  • Hides toys behind his back when he doesn't want to give them back
  • CLAPS his hands... finally... and he thinks he's soo cute
  • Pretends to blow hot foods with me and I think he said "ot" for hot when he was blowing?
  • Takes tiny steps backwards to sit on my lap:)
  • Splashing in the pool with the big kids
  • Eating at the picnic table
"Bad" habits
  • Still not coming to us when we call him (I know it's lack of us training him right now)
  • Kicks feet and cries when we have to bring him in from outside
  • Not still during diaper changes
  • Carry around little or "not" baby toys (pencils,etc)
  • Knocking over clean clothes to get his burp cloths
  • Trying to reach onto the oven (usually for cookies... he's got a sweet tooth)
  • Funniest scrunched up face when he doesn't get his way!!
  • Running towards the street... he loves cars and trucks and that's where he sees them
  • Wandering
  • Wanting his paci all the time!
Momma's Thoughts
I was once told children go through more changes from 12-24 months than from newborns- 12 months. At the time, I had tiny little Anna who seemed to be changing everyday and couldn't believe that after a year old that their changes would be as obvious....

but they are and do!!
They change and do new things daily. And it's just awesome to see. We are enjoying Nate's antics every day.... yes, even when it means extra messes, more noise and a LOT more energy:)

I'm very thankful he's sleeping through the night... yes! But I have to be honest that I miss snuggling up with him in the wee hours. And I've been very diligent about putting him BACK into his crib during the early morning feeding. It's been soo nice to get out of bed early, get showered and ready to start my day versus laying in bed waiting for Nate to wake up!!

Ok... the last is a debate... is his hair

I will admit that it's very fluffy and scruffy looking in the front...
but the curls!!
You can't cut the curls!!
And I hate to bring more emotion into the "debate" :)

I have this picture on my dresser.

It's of my dad. I didn't ever see it until we were cleaning out his house after he died 8 years ago. Hoping to one day have children of my own, I kept it to see if they would have any of his baby traits.

And then comes Nate and the curly hair!!! Although their hairlines are very different:)

So I'm advocating for trimming some in the front to keep it out of his face/eyes and letting the rest "go" and "grow" for a little while.

Do you think it will look weird?
Trimmed only in the front?

Ok, and so I wasn't wordless at ALL today.!!

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Drea said...

yay for night sleeping!!! :)

as for the hair.. I love his hair scruffy :) - hes so cute.

But if you did want it trimmed in the front I dont think it look bad, you just couldnt do a blunt cut. Maybe your sis can help? I trimmed owens and did the same technique I use on my own bangs... that ay it wasnt just a straight line across... but his hair is so straight it worked, not sure how it work with a curly head.

Either way, hes adorable. I cant imagine what he'd look like with a trim tho :) so im interested to see what you do.

Holly said...

What a fabulous way to track and share your son's milestones. They are only this age once. Do what your heart tells you.

Anonymous said...

Getting so big. Carsyn just started sleeping through the night too. yay!! I think you should trim the front. I love his curls :)

Jen said...

Love the curls!! My little man has a lot of hair, too. He just got a big boy hair cut yesterday. Now he can see and feel a little bit better in this hot weather.

happy ww.

Shannon said...

Camden has and had curly hair at that age too and I just trimmed the top a little just to keep it out of his face. Curly hair is much easier to cut than straight. With straight you can usually see every cut esp. with a blond kid like Evan. Camden's has always been so easy to cut. Once I did cut the back the top still curls up a lot. Karis has the same curly hair but since she's a girl I can just pull her's back with a clip!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Love the curls - keep them while you can! The splash park opened this weekend. The hours are a little funny right now until public school lets out for the summer, but we would love to get together with you guys anytime. We need to beat this heat! :)

Felicia said...

He's up to a lot of things!! Great that he is still taking 2 naps :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
yes, Nate is adorable with his curls, but you also should remember that summer is coming around and even for a little child it will feel better to have shorter hair. I remember that a friend's son had curls (still having curls) and she did trim his hair, too, when he was around Nate's age and you still could see his curls.

Jenny said...

I just love his pretty blue eyes!!

I like the curls too, but a trim would look nice. Maybe take more off the front than the back?