Thursday, June 23, 2011

You Capture: Bathrooms & Purple

I live in amazing parsonage. When we moved into the 3 bedroom & an office house we felt like it was a mansion;) Then when expecting Nate the church overwhelmed us with the huge blessing of finishing off our attic... giving us another full bath, another office and a big room (right now the playroom).

The one room I still hold my breath when I walk into it is my "pink" bathroom:) It's very dated with pink and maroon tiles... we tried at one time to decorate it with pink or maroon details... it looked worse;) But it holds a special place in my heart because it's the place where I've bathed my babes for almost 7 years...

it holds lots of fun, silly bath time memories:)

And has plenty more to come with the newest little one

joining right into the bath time antics;)

I"m also adding some purple;) These are my newest flowers... finally some flowers in the front!!

I love the hanging iron baskets that we found at Walmart. And we got our flowers at Walmart, too.... in the clearance section;) Whoo- hoo:) I was very glad to have some pretty things at half the price... nice, especially when I'm starting soo late:(



Kayla Sue said...

Bath time with kids is just too fun :) (and bath time without kids is just too relaxing! ;)

Our Side of the Mountain said...

Wow! Your little one has VERY long lashes!

Shannon said...

His curly hair reminds me so much of Karis's. Love it!!

Brag All About It said...

what cute blog!!

Newest follower from the friday blog hop!
would love for you to follow back and say hi!
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Anonymous said...

Awesome photos. Love the mohawk