Thursday, June 30, 2011

Worth Going Over Water

My husband jokes me for my strange fears. But some are not soo strange.

I don't like needles. I'll get my blood drawn and I"m "ok" with that, but needles... ahh!! I'm not even tempted to get an epidural... I've seen the needle!!

Another is kind of silly. I don't really like bridges that are over water. They're cool to look at and I'm just amazed at the architecture!! But I'd rather NOT drive over them.

During my trip last weekend, we went over many bridges :/ And while I'm always a little nervous, it didn't send as many shivers up my spine. I think part of my fear is having the kids with me if we had an accident on a bridge and having to get them all OUT of their seats in a hurry as our van plummets into the water...


LOL, am I making anyone else a little weary of bridges??

Anyway, usually the reason we're crossing the reliable bridges we have is to visit family or spend time together as a family. So it's always worth it.

And was especially worth it last weekend;)
I LOVED seeing my brother... he reminds me soo much of my dad.

Getting to spend time with Kelly:) She's taken to caring for Wesley soo quickly!

*All the chat time with my mom!!

And seeing and holding Sweet little Wesley:) He's was just precious;)

Coming home was sweet, too:) As I try to keep up with my littlest rascal as he finds the silliest little things to amuse himself;)


Since holding Wesley, thinking about my "silly" fears and honoring a church member who passed away this week (one who has prayed daily for my family)...

This song has been on my heart and mind:)

Lyrics | Bill Gaither lyrics - Because He Lives lyrics

* I needed to "correct" my hours in the car chatting with my mom;) I did have a 7 hour trip one way, but I met my mom 2 hours into the journey. So we really had only 5 hours... plenty of time to have sore throats from all that talking;)Next time we'll plan to turn on the radio for a bit;) LOL!!


Anonymous said...

I have that same exact fear about bridges and water with the kids. How can I get them all out of their seats and grab them all and get out of the van and keep them all above water until help comes? It is a huge fear of mine, and I try to stay away from bridges because of it. I'm glad I'm not alone in my anxiety, although I wish we both could calmly navigate over bridges without this fear. *hugs* I'm glad you had a great time with family!

Jenny said...

I have the same fear about bridges too! I was scared of them before I had Abby, but now I am more scared.

That baby is so sweet! I'm glad you had a great visit!

Kelly @ In Everything said...

Phew... glad I"m NOT the only one. In fact I think we have a knife in the car to CUT seat belts quickly... it was put there after sharing my fear with my husband....

he jokes, but he listens:)

Shannon said...

WOW!! It's great to see that I am not the only one that has this fear. I honestly haven't told anyone (except for my hubby)b/c I know they would think I am crazzzy!! Even heading to the beach I get a weird feeling and thoughts racing of how to rescue them. Okay here's a really weird one....I have a fear of if a tsunami came how would I keep all of my kids above water. I think overall it's a fear I have of water. I swim, but I have respect for the water. Weird I know!!

Anonymous said...

I have just started having a fear of bridges. For the same reason as you. I love that sweet baby.