Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up : Memorial Day and Teaching Days

We were schedule-less... again... but stayed busy and got some learning in there, too;)

Here's what our week last week looked like;)

Since it was Memorial Day, Brian had the morning off of community college work so he want out visiting with another deacon in the morning. The kids and I headed off to grocery shop.... we hit two grocery stores and the Dollar Store. Too much for one morning, we were all exhausted and grumpy:)

But the Memorial Day parade was happening in OUR town. So 40 minutes after arriving home, we ate lunch and were back outside watching the parade and attending the Memorial Service at our local cemetery.

Nate waiting for the parade, you can see the lights in the distance.
Some of the men representing their branches of service.
Brian leading the service in a song.
And what did my little ones do during the service??? Besides sweating, they played in the dirt:)
After quick baths, we all rested:)

Brian fired up the grill while the kids played outside some more;) We ate a hamburger dinner... yumm;)

Then headed back to the cemetery, some of the auxiliary ladies had put up a cross covered in paper poppies and said it was beautiful at dusk with the lights on it. When we got there we realized they had already taken it down :(

It still seemed like a fitting way to end our Memorial Day. Having grandparents, two uncles, a father-in-law and uncle-in-law :) as well as my brave brother serve in our military... I am always soo appreciative of all that our armed forces do! They deserve much appreciation and support!

Went spent a lot of our morning working on chores and housework.

When Nate laid down for his nap we pulled out some books:) I read with Chris and worked a bit with Lydia. Anna wrote thank you notes for her birthday gifts and read alone! We read one section of our history chapter, did the narration and played a game that corresponded to the chapter. And looked at a map of Africa trying to point out the countries and places we already know in Africa;)

We also started working on our Ten Commandments unit by reading through the story of Moses going to be in God's presence to get the 10 commandments from the Egermeier's Bible Storybook.

We ate lunch and the kids played outside for a bit. During nap time I received an email about the NC Symphony being in an nearby town... so we went. It was last minute, but a fun experience!

I blogged about our "change of plan" Wednesday already !

But I didn't put into the post that were able to visit the library on the way to the doctor and see out favorite librarian. She signed us up for the Summer Reading Program and hooked us up with books about Africa for the rest of the week;)

We attended our church in the evening!

Another "at home" day! We worked on our regular chores PLUS cleaning underneath the girls' beds... do your kids already "clean" their rooms by pushing clothes/toys/stuff UNDER the bed??? Anyway, it's cleaned and vacuumed;)

We busted out the books with Nate asleep:) Chris and Lydia both did reading from OPG. Chris did one Saxon lesson and Lydia did ixl. Anna did her journal and a subtraction practice sheet from here.

We worked on another section of history which included reading, coloring sheet and map;) And reading from some of the African tales that we had gotten from the library. Before naps we started reading Black Beauty and Anna read a chapter to me after the younger ones when to bed;)

With Brian not at the community college in the AM, I tried to take the older kids strawberry picking while Nate napped. But NO more strawberries :( So we went to the store to pick up some groceries to make it through the weekend... soymilk, bananas and other fresh fruits/veggies are always being used up at this house.

We ate lunch and then played outside in the pool before naps... big mistake... super tired kids and momma makes for a lot of fussing :( So it was naps for us all!

Bike riding around town and pancakes for supper ended our week;)

Pictures of the Week
It was crazy hot outside this week... our tiny baby pool provided all sorts of entertainment!


Our Side of the Mountain said...

Yup! My girl seems to think I'll never see all the trash, books, dirty laundry, and toys "put away" under her bed! It can get quite messy!

Looks like lots of fun in that little pool!


Jenny said...

What a great week! It was super hot here too, especially yesterday.