Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not What We Planned

We had awesome plans on Wednesday.... playing at a new park, picnic-ing with friends, swimming/wading in the river to cool off:)

We may make a lot of plans,

but the LORD will do

what he has decided.
Proverbs 19:21

After staying up late to prepare our lunch (cookies to share, grilled chicken for lunch) and pre-pack our bags, we all woke up looking forward to our little trip.

But then Anna came limping into the kitchen to get her breakfast???

I called my momma to ask what I should do. And then called the phone nurse to get another opinion (not that I didn't believe my mom, but she was unsure, too). Both basically had the same concern....

the bee sting from last week!! We must not have gotten the stinger all the way out!

So instead of being here with Andrea, Alicia, and Shannon and their crew;)

We were here...

I'll just be blunt and honest.... I was NOT happy we were having to go to the doctor! I had started the conversation about meeting and swimming!! And I had been looking forward to hanging out with these other families!! It just bugged me that we were missing out on such a fun time!

I KNOW that Momma's tone about each situation sets the tone for the kids. They look to me to see how they should react. If I have a bad attitude, they easily have bad attitudes, too!! Talk about convicting .... can't really discipline their bad attitudes when I have one:/

But ....

That morning I had prayed that during our day I wouldn't be soo distracted by the "mommy conversation" that I would overlook the precious and fun time with the kids.

Interesting how that applied today:)

So THAT became my focus... spending time WITH my kids, not just being with them.

At the doctors, Chris and Lydia kept busy only how Chris and Lydia stay busy.
Nate napped.
And Anna tried not to be worried.
They did amazing... even though they never could get anything out of Anna's foot :( But we know it's not anything too serious, it's just waiting for it to heal.

We went to a indoor McD's playground with our picnic lunch!! The kids thought I was coolest mom and I was purposefully interacting with them!

And since it was after 2pm as we headed out of town.... SONIC stop:)

We had a great day... considering the initial disappointment! But we did what we had to do and we'll try to meet up with our friends again another day:)


Drea said...

awe.. well we missed you a lot! Im glad Anna is ok tho and that the day went fine regardless of the initial disappointment too :)

There will always be a next time and maybe next time there wont be the dead fish or smelly dog standing by :)

Tonight btw we're free, if you and Brian wanted to get together. I have a Dr's apt at 3pm, but other than that I think we'd be game for a visit! I just need to keep ppl out of my house since I leave in the morning :) CALL ME :-D

Shannon said...

So glad that everything went okay with Anna!! I know that can be scary with allergies too :) I was looking forward to getting together, maybe soon we can plan another trip!

Jenny said...

I'm glad Anna is ok. What a bummer about the day though. I'm glad you still made it a fun day.

Aliesha said...

We missed you guys! Glad Anna is doing okay. Looking forward to the next time we can all get together!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Proud of you! Glad you enjoyed the time you had!

Angela said...

What a great way of making a challenge a blessing. Your good attitude and desire to use this sistuation to be with your children is a great testimony to them and those of us reading this. Great Job Momma!