Friday, June 3, 2011

Braving the Symphony with 4 Kiddos

Recently, we were BRAVE.....
very brave!!!

We got word through two different friends that the NC Symphony was "nearby" doing a benefit concert for the tornado victims in our state. And we saw it as an opportunity to get some "culture" as well expose our children to the symphony.

The symphony warming up [excuse the blurry pic... very low lighting and a wiggly baby on my lap!!] Yes, we got there early... LOL!!

Brian and I made a "game plan"... we sit on the ends and "trap" the kids between us.
Also a part of the plan was for the kids to bring their "church bags". So they had some paper and some markers/crayons.

I really was impressed with how the symphony held their attention. For the 1st 3 songs, Nate sat soo still on my lap, he barely moved a muscle. And the older kiddos did the same.

Then they started pulling out their "quiet" stuff, that's when it got busy:) Honestly, for them being soo young and how close the rows are lined up, they did really well. Chris only knocked the older lady in the head with his papers once, or twice :/ She smiled and told me she was a grandma of 7... super understanding;)

And besides Nate trying to "sing" with the music, he only hollered out LOUD once.... it was when the conductor was introducing a song. He made a joke saying someone in the audience "must be familiar with this song!" Again... super understanding!

We knew it was time to VAMOS!, when Nate was super wiggly and spit his paci. We forgot the Bink Link and I felt his paci hit my knee and GOOOOO!!!

In the dark, tight aisle with a wiggly and tired toddler, there was NO point to attempt to find it! I just made the sign to Brian.... and we left!

Figures that the kids MOST enjoyed the stairs!!

I LOVED being at the Symphony:) Playing violin from elementary to college to seminary it was nice to be reminded of beauty of instrumental music. And it really is breath-taking to hear a full orchestra!!

Oh and they played one of my favorite pieces... Russian Sailors Dance!! I remembered how much I enjoyed playing that piece in high school:)

I have to mention that Brian and I both have a new appreciation for opera singers. The symphony is touring with an amazing vocalist named Rhiannon Giddens Laffan. She's actually a part of a NC band, her bio is here.

I think it was a successful night. We all enjoyed the symphony... some longer than others;) And we left on our own almost towards the end... they didn't have to kick us out;)

None of our kids are talking about playing musical instruments or singing some of songs they heard... LOL!! But Chris did spend his time during the symphony making some great pictures;)

The Conductor
(check out his teeth and toes!!)
And some instruments....
(violin, stringed bass, cymbals & piano)
And some more...
(trombone, trumpet and harp)
And I looked down during the Russian Sailors Dance
and thought he was drawing sword-fighting!!
NO... it's the conductor with his family... they're conductors, too!!


Rachel Owens said...

Super impressed you guys attempted this and that on the whole it went well. What a great idea to go and take the kids. Love the drawings. You can actually tell what they are! Much better than I would do, that's for sure (well, I might not have given the conductor dinosaur teeth, but other than that....)

Shannon said...

Awww, sounds like you guys had fun!! It's nice to get to go to things like this as a family and I feel it can be a real teaching tool on how to "try" to sit still through an event even if it's not through the whole show at least the kiddos get the idea LOL :)