Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up: School Store and lots of Outings;)

Another busy week for us:)

We weren't very disciplined with our Bible study this week either. We did 2 days;( Anyway, the first day we talked about how the Ten Commandments were given to Moses, but how Moses found the camp and broke the stone tablets. We read through until God gives Moses another "copy" of the Ten COmmandments to bring back to the people that had "repented". The kids listened soo intently:)

One the second day we talked about both #1 - only worship God and #2 - don't make or worship idols. I LOVED that the kids remembered the story from our previous lesson. And we talked about the things that we can make as important as "God" and they become like "idols" to us. Talk about convicting to ME!!

I really want to make a book or lapbook for these lessons. There are a lot of things out there to print off, but I haven't found anything I really like yet :(

Language Arts
Anna journal-ed every morning we were at home;) She's better at writing than I thought. But she's till making really simple sentences... so I'm giving her the freedom to write what she wants and trying to encourage her to add more detail;) I also found some spelling and writing workbooks at her level at Ollies this week... she LOVES workbooks, so I'm hoping by doing a page or two a week she can keep up her spelling skills or fill in gaps:)

Anna is also reading daily. We're having a little of trouble with finding books at her level that she enjoys:( Anyway, we'll head back to the library this week in search of something she'll enjoy reading and that challenges her a bit. Together (with and without the younger ones) we are reading Black Beauty... I like that she can almost read the book alone:)

Chris and Lydia did 15 minutes a day of reading from OPG each morning we were home;) One morning Chris got out of it and another morning he read a LeapFrog phonics book instead... the goal is reading and reading practice, so it was fine;)

We are also reading library books for the Reading Program and history. Our favorite this week was Who's in Rabbit's House? Who was in Rabbit's house and bullying everyone around was pretty funny. And this book went with our history topic in Africa and it highlight the animals that can be found in Africa;)

Anna has been working on her subtraction facts daily. So thankful for this time to really make these SOLID.

Chris did 2 Saxon lessons... I wish we did more. But that's summer:) The lessons were super fun, too!! The first lesson we had to organize and label a store with empty grocery boxes.
And then on Friday, while Nate napped, and Daddy manned the house;) ...
the kids and I shopped (at our own store)!!
It was very mathematical...
but also included copywork, making receipts, using a calculator and manners;) For some reason when we play store the kids greet each other (like they sometimes see... LOL!!) with M'am and Sir and then wish them a good day!
Lydia and Anna also got in on the fun.
We made TWO checkout places and we all took plenty of turns checking out and shopping:) I'm pretty sure we have TWO lessons playing store. So we might try it with Nate on Monday??? We'll see:)

Besides doing store with us, Lydia is learning her doubles facts from Anna, doing ixl and puzzles;)

Besides taking care of biking wounds :( And many conversations about eating healthy. Anna's well check-up at the doctor on Tuesday. And reading Black Beauty (lots of horse terms).

We didn't do any science.

We finished our last chapter in Africa and enjoyed more African tales books from the library;)

On Tuesday we dove right into India. There weren't a lot of activities with India. So we read through BOTH sections while the kids painted the coloring pictures. Usually they color those pages, but one was of a garden so it really pretty colored and the kids enjoyed the simple change:)

We also did the map work and read an Indian tale:)

Our Activities;)
Tuesday Anna had her well check-up. She's super healthy and in the 75% for both weight and height... the height didn't surprise me, the weight did... she's thin to me! But thankful she's healthy and super glad we have a doctor we like;)

Wednesday we met up with some homeschooling friends in the morning. One mom was doing an Expo House Party. She held it at a Sonic and the kids LOVED bringing home the wipe boards and markers;)

And then we beat the heat by attending a homeschool skate at the skating rink!! The kids LOVE this place and opportunity;) And they had a blast... no pics though :( Too busy putting on and taking off skates and chasing Nate:)

On Thursday after we schooled during Nate's nap, we headed to a neighbor's pool. The kids heard them invite us... so they had been asking NON-stop!
It's a beautifully kept pool with GREAT company! It was fun. I brought the 4 kids by myself... but I had help once I got there... they are super sweet:) And the kids are already asking to go again:)

On Saturday, we got to celebrate a sweet little girl's birthday with her family! We had a great time and the kids had a blast:)

Pics of the Week

Schooling Nate has begun;) LOL!!
Schooling with his shirt off...
Playing with ice cubes in an ice cube tray:)
He really liked it until he lost one.... lol!

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Jenny said...

Great week! That pool looks so nice right now! The store set up is really cool!

Our Side of the Mountain said...

LOVE the store! How fun! My 6-year-old and I were working on money by having a store.