Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TTT : Light Orange, Ameri-lina and Lilliputians

While reading with Lydia we had out little "motivational" Tic-Tacs....

Me: Do you want yellow?

Lydia: It's not yellow.... it's light orange.


Lydia : Mom, you don't know what yellow is!

It just struck me as funny that my 4 yr old was instructing me about colors... lol!!

While Chris and I were working together this question came up...

Me: What state do you live in?

Chris: [quickly and confidently responded] North Ameri-lina

super funny;) And we'll definitely be working on that this summer;)

Nate has attached himself to the little Duplo men and women. He's been carrying them everywhere... in hand and mouth:)

Can't help but think of Gulliver vs the Lilliputians:)


Abi @ the Princess Diaries said...

Your kids are darlings! My daughter constantly correct my English so I sort of understand what you are saying. :-)

Madonna said...

It must be the age because my son loves to correct me as well. If I say, "Put on your pants." He says "They're jeans, Mommy."

sarahssweeties said...

Ameri-lina! That's so cute!

Sarah said...

Ha ha! Too cute! I love those photos of Nate!