Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nate's 1st Trim

Nate has been needing a trim for a while...

I just have been trying to "wade it out" hoping his hair would get long enough to "blend in"...

But this morning, with a lack of humidity in the house... all the curls in the front fell and left little Nate trying to keep his hair out of his face.

I did try a quick fix for a sticky pancake breakfast.
(wouldn't he have made a super cute girl??? just kidding!)

Obviously my little boy can't be wearing hairbows... so I called my mom and sister to figure out a plan. I know to distract the little ones during haircuts with videos or treats:) And I knew I needed some scissors and water to keep his hair "slightly damp"... aka manageable;) But it's the HOW to cut that had been stalling me the most!!

My mom tried to help and my hairstylist sister didn't answer... LOL!!
I was determined to cut his hair!

I gathered his hair by rectangular chunks and started cutting
(i should say trimming)!


He wasn't entertained by sitting on the push toy going NO WHERE...
so there was a little game of chase;)

I was walking, not running with the scissors... sorry the pic looked dangerous;)

We finally found the perfect "still" spot for him. On the bench with a Popsicle, his brother and pointed at the street to watch the trucks and cars race by:)

I'm NOT a stylist... but I think we did well;)


You can see it's not straight across. I really didn't want it to be since he usually has it pushed to the side OR its curled up... gotta love humidity curls.

And there is a piece in the pic on the right that has since been trimmed to be a little more even;)

Oh, and he was super still with the popsicle. It was very messy!!! You can tell in this picture that he ENJOYed it;)

You might even see in these "final" pictures the HAIR that was stuck on him... he didn't mind;)

And his newest battle wounds... from trying to take on the driveway :(

Definitely bathtime ;)

But first,
we had to be sure everyone knew that no curls were injured during the trim;)


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***And a super HIGH FIVE to Anna who took the pics;) Glad to have pictures of Nate's 1st haircut !! Thank you sweetheart!! ***


MaryAnne said...

I'm impressed! LOVE his curls, too!

grandma said...

That precious little Nate. Curls are so cute but the trim does make him look like a little boy. He does favor Anna!

Brenna @ Almost All The Truth said...

So cute! That went much better than my middle one's first haircut. I am just glad I wasn't the one doing it! I have never been brave enough to cut anyone else's hair. ;)

Meg said...

How handsome! I love his curls! Your talking about hard to keep him still made me laugh. My son will sit still while I cut his hair...only if he is holding a lollipop! :)

Anonymous said...


Jenny said...

Those curls are so cute!

Elizabeth said...

You did a good job with his haircut! Popsicles always work for Sammy too. Glad to see those sweet curls still in tact. :)

Elena said...

He is too cute! His hair reminds me of my little one's curls! She'll be getting her first haircut real soon!

Anonymous said...

ha ha! love that bow. very cute hair.