Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WW: Our Easter Day Pics

Sunrise service with the community

We all attended church and then headed to a neighbor's house. They are sweet church members who bring us in like family.... it's been such a special "tradition" to celebrate Easter with them and their family. And the kids really look forward to hunting Easter eggs;)

And since we were blessed with a BEAUTIFUL day, we stayed outside for a while and played;) And enjoyed a bit of candy:)
(she looks sooo tired!!)

At home we all CRASHED (aka... napped) for an hour or so. We all woke and then Chris fell back asleep moments later on Brian's lap!! Now that is TIRED.... for my little boy!
We had a great celebratory Resurrection Sunday!! I really enjoyed taking the kids to the Sunrise service. As Brian was waking the girls and helping them dress, I heard them ask why it was still dark and what we were doing....

And then I heard Brian sharing the GOOD NEWS that Christ rose from the dead!!! So sweet and natural and powerful at 6:30am Easter Sunday morning!! I was just soo thankful for the opportunity to share the WHOLE story with them!!

You can find some other picture posts at Wordless Wednesday, 5 Minutes for Mom and Go Graham Go!!!

***Think and pray for us today as we head off for the ultrasound and my 36 Week appt!! We have a sweet neighbor keeping the kids for us.... she even planned what to feed them for lunch, so maybe Brian and I didn't have to rush back. Ahhh, so nice;)


grandma said...

I loved the Easter pictures. If ever there was a boy that loved his dad it is Christopher! All the pictures are so good---warms my heart!

Shanilie said...

Beautiful pictures! I am new here via drea's slideshow. You did an amazing job. I would love to hear how you got into photography, what camera you use, and some helpful sites. Always enjoy hearing other moms' experiences with photography.

Meg said...

We used to have a sunrise service at the church we went to while I was a teenager. I loved that early worship service on Easter morning! Looks like you had a great Easter! Praying for your doc. appt. today!

Grandma said...

Sounds as if you had a wonderful Easter. Hope that all goes well at your appointment.

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BK said...

Love the half moon in the first shot! The kids must have had a lot of fun in the hunt. Chris must be so worn out. :)