Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lotza Updates

Hmmm, where to start???

Our BIG Project: I posted this week about where the project stood. But it's just amazing where we are right now.... sooo much has been done:
  1. Bathroom mirrors have been put up
  2. Living room carpet was put back around the new staircase
  3. All the trim, closets & doors upstairs has been primed and painted
  4. Bathroom vinyl flooring has been put in
  5. Hall closet door was scraped, sanded, primed & painted
  6. The plastic in the hall is GONE!!!
  7. Living room totally painted and furniture put back:)

They really have been busy! BUT I am soo thankful it seems like most of our originial living space is now back to "normal"! And as soon as everything is dry and rehung, the carpet is in upstairs and the plumbers finish up.... we'll be totally done;)

Lydia's doctor's appt: Lydia was ready to fuss as she dressed the morning of the doctor's appt. I'm not sure why my kids are scared of the doctor. I really don't like going either.... so maybe they get it from me???

Anyway, she was fine until the doctor came in. She didn't even TRY to obey him... she shut her eyes and looked away when he tried to see in her eyes. I had to hold her when he listened to her heart/lungs!

The doctor finally got to check her eyes and she was "mad" that the doctor had gotten what he needed and so she buried her head into my chest..... the doctor saw the opportunity!! While she had her head turned and her arm "exposed" he quickly gave her the ONE shot she needed!!!

Right after she looked at me with this "what was that?" expression, but didn't fuss until she saw the doctor trying to get a band-aid on her. For my non-sticker kid, she wasn't too happy with a band-aid so we skipped that! She was 33 pounds and 38.5 inches... like 70% and 60%!!

Lydia and I had gone alone for the appts! And so she went with into my OB appt:) Since it was just a check-up we were in and out sooooo quickly!! Even soo Lydia did a great job letting the nurses and midwife talk to me.

Again, like my alone time with Chris last week, I was glad to have a couple of hours with just Lydia. It was a sweet time.... like just her and I getting to talk in the car or over lunch! She even got to play at a playground.... she played alone or followed a couple of other kids, but came sooo quickly when I called... she was soo sweet:)

My doctor's appt: I already did a quick update.... but everything looks good. I did measure 3 weeks bigger again... so I am 38 weeks but measuring at 41:) And that was with NO weight gain this week??

Next week, we'll have to decide whether we will plan to induce Nate at 39 weeks or wait for him. The main concern is how BIG he could get if we don't induce or he doesn't come soon;) Anyway, I hoping to see them at the hospital before my scheduled appt.... although we have a BUSY week next week;)

Date Afternoon: Brian and I got a special treat Thursday afternoon! We had a sweet friend come to watch/play with the kids while Brian and I headed into town for lunch and a movie!! With me trying to get our delivery details and being WAY preggo and Brian very busy with painting/housework on top of his normal schedule......

we needed some time together and away!!

It was nice!! We did see Alice in Wonderland... it's not one of my favorite stories! But it was nice going to a movie geared more toward kids. BUT it was definitely NOT for MY kids..... first it's a weird story. Then it's directed by Tim Burton... so that makes it even more strange. I know it's a classic children's book, but I was glad we decided to see it without the kids!!

*** Sorry I don't have any pics!!!! I'll definitely get some of the house when we can!

Off to get my feet UP.... only helps to have them higher than my heart!!! They will just swell to balloons at night.... some nights I can't even bend my toes b/c they are soo swollen.... a yucky feeling!!! you definitely DON't want a PIC of these:) LOL!!

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Jenny said...

I'm glad everything is going well. Poor Lydia, she must really hate the doctor's office. Abby is fine until the shots come out.

I can't wait to see pics of the house!

Oh and I can't believe they actually target that movie towards children. I don't think it's appropriate for children at all.