Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Think We're JUST waiting for Nate????

I look around my house and just..... LAUGH!!! We have sooo many projects going on right now.... it's actually to the point that I wonder if having Nate amidst all the "projects" would add to any "craziness" ????

So let me share what else (besides Nate) we are waiting for.... in no order of importance:

#1 - Our upstairs potty (and other plumbing)

#2 - Carpeting upstairs in both rooms upstairs, up the stairs and the repositioning in the back of my LIVING room!

#3 - We also have had our vanity mirrors in BOTH the downstairs bathrooms removed to be replaced since the lighting fixtures weren't working. But the replacement vanities don't fit in the old spaces.... so this is what we have in the mean time...

#4 - My hallway..... great to have the "new" storage & I'm looking forward to putting some "bigger" baby items in it... but the trim needs major prep. before it can be painted. And there's no reason to pull the plastic covering the carpet in the hall until that work has been done.....
BTW... I love all the "extras" our contractor did to help keep the house clean. The plastic covering the carpet has been great... we can just "Sweep" the carpet! But it's also one of the things I am SOOOO ready to get rid of;)

#5 - Painting the living room..... LOL!! Did I even tell you we were needing to do this??? Since we added the half-wall for the staircase and there was evidence of traffic on the back wall, the living room needed painting!!!!

The GREAT news is that Brian finished that last night... and so (minus the back carpet) the living room will be back together soon:) Do you like the color???? I really like how the trim in the room really POPS now!

#6 - New Pet(s) - A few weeks ago we a GREAT opportunity to work with Insect Lore (such a cool company, review on SIMPLE soon!!!) and hatch some praying mantises!!! Since it came with an egg case, we immediately set it up and started this project!!

So daily we peek in on our "pets" to see if they have emerged!! The funniest thing is that we're not quite sure how many will emerge or when???
They say 3-6 weeks after receieving the egg case is the normal hatching time. We're on week #2 but the hatching season is also coming to an end.... so it may be a little earlier than the 6 weeks!

And I'm not sure what our childcare help will think of a case FULL of praying mantises hatching while they're here.... hha ahahaa!! The good thing is that they should be ok for a day and we don't plan to be at the hospital for more than 24 hours;)

So.... got any projects at your house?????


Drea said...

well.... at least your crib is up LOL

Jenny said...

I love the wall color! It will be so great when all of those projects are complete!

I don't think I could sleep with praying mantis in my house!

Stam House said...

Wow you have lot's on the go!!!

Our project
* Cleaning our spare/guest/computer room for our 2 little guess coming in 3 weeks (Aunt Juliana, and aunt Maria age 7 and 10 will be spending 2 weeks with us in may while Opa and Oma will be going to a trip in the states) And yes I'm aware that we might have baby#3 during that same time but it will help me to have them play with out little goose :-)

* move some boxes back to uncle Jasper new apartment (he lives with us for about 1 years and is now in town but we still have boxes of books of his here in the middle of my spare room and it's driving me nuts LOL major nesting mood over here)

* painting lots of painting (but might needs to wait after baby)

* making more chicken coop (we have 20 layers hens but will be getting a few meat kings to raise/kill and eat)

* spring cleaning

* having baby

* and so many other things to so that I feel ad just sitting in front of the computer! gotta go :-)

grandma said...

You all have some wonderful projects going. I love the color and construction pictures. But I feel for you---you have such a great attitude toward it all.