Friday, April 9, 2010

Better is a Dish...

Do you remember the proverb???

Better is a dish of vegetables where love is
Than a fattened ox served with hatred. Prov 15:17
Well I have been learning how it applies to me!!!

It was a time ago now, but Brian and I thought we had company coming for the weekend. I quickly jumped on planning a menu, where our company would sleep, what we'd do, etc, etc, etc.....

After just hours of finding out about having visitors I was already overwhelmed....

Sure, I was pregnant. Sure, my house is full of little ones that don't always pick up after themselves. Sure, my house is in transition and a bit of choas with the attic renovation. Sure, the company coming were special to us, so we wanted everything nice, tidy and enjoyable!

But I was soo ovewhelmed with the preparations that the thought of having others over didn't even sound enjoyable to me. It takes work for my house to be clean!!! For our meals to be delicious masterpieces!!! And for preparing our living space to be shared!!!

Finally I confessed through tears to my husband that the planned visit was overwhelming me! I KNOW that it was wrong thinking on MY part and our company wasn't expecting everything to be as perfect as I was planning and overwhelmed about.

This has taken me YEARS to understand about myself!! I LOVE having people in my house and wanting them to feel comfortable and have a good time at our house!! But soooo many times, the extra work (some of which I put on myself) really does stress me out!!!

So last night..... even though we didn't have a GRAND meal planned!! Or my house was spotless (not even close)!!! Or our plans very exciting....we had company!

And we all ate ham biscuits, fruit and Andrea's crew brought salad!!! It was good;) But definitely NOT up to Martha Stewart's standards.... LOL!! But we all ate (something) on paper plates and we all had a great time with eachother!!!!

When will I learn?? That it's the PEOPLE and the relationships that matter and NOT the presentation!!!

Better is a meal of ham biscuits and fruit where others are welcomed and have a lovely visit, than a time missed with friends because I am attempting to striving towards something "perfect".

** And as Andrea blogged... we have 6 kiddies in the picture. It's just amazing that soon there will be 7!!! Just another week and we'll be "full-term"!!


Chrysanthemama said...

I love this post for two reasons. It was honest and it served as a reminder for me. We are an Air Force family that has never lived by family. When family flies in, I want everything to be perfect. The weeks preceding are not the most fun for our family of five. My parents fly in next weekend, and I really needed to read this. Thank you!

Stam House said...

I know how you feel!!! When I was single and living alone, it was easy to keep my home clean and to makes special meal when company were over!

But now, with almost 3 kids 3 and under (10 more weeks more or less to go) and a busy husband I've learn that:

* The house won't be perfect

* toys and dust bunnies seams to grow under our couches

* Juice and toddler = sticky floor

* that my husband coat always ends up on the kitchen table (apparently I should move our closet on top of the table LOL)

* that potty training means lots of extra laundry

* that bread and peanut butter and jam are my best friends

* that having 11 brothers and sister inlaw that lives about 5 minutes from us means unexpected guess at unexpected time

* that I should always prepare for a dinner party of 8 as we always have extra mouth around dinner time (especially with my MIL is preparing liver for dinner LOL)

But mostly I have learn the having people over is a blessing

Thanks for sharing this post!

Kate said...

Oh I am ALL ABOUT serving guests on paper plates. I buy Chinette in bulk at Costco to make 'em feel like I'm bringing out the "good stuff" for them. :) Its just not worth being in the kitchen for hours after everyone leaves.

Jenny said...

How fun! I get stressed about house cleaning too. However, I always use paper plates when people come over. The dishwasher just doesn't hold enough.

Andrea said...

So very, very true! You could've just written from my own head - lol! I love, love, love having people over but it really does stress me out. Really. Still working on it though cuz I know that relationships matter more than my housewife skills...

Jessica D. said...

yes, nicely said :D I needed that!