Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ultrasound Results

We had a good visit with the OB for the 36 week checkup. And the ultrasound DID answer many of the questions we had been having and the things that we were concerned about.

First things first! Nate is healthy and growing well:) Despite all my crazy "what if" scenarios.... he's normal and looks good from the ultrasound.

Second, what position is he in?
Nate is head down!!!! Whooo-hoooo!! Although he is laying with his back towards my belly and is pointed back. And he is curved to the right, which is why I am feeling most of the movements to the high left.... his feet:) The lower movements I am feeling are his little hands doing what babies in-utero do.

Third, why don't I feel Nate moving more strongly?
One reason could be his personality. But another is where my placenta is in my uterus! How it is laying, Nate is kicking at my placenta, but the movements don't all hit my uterus which is where the nerves are.... I KNEW I wasn't feeling a lot of movements! It's not a problem... just where and how everything attached months ago:)

Fourth, why am I measuring sooo BIG???
One reason is that I have plenty of fluid for Nate. It's in the normal range for a preggo lady, but it's on the higher end of the ok range and I am sooo small:) Who knows why I am carrying that much but I also had plenty for Lydia... so it's nothing new!

The real reason is NATE!!! He's a BIG boy (for me). Technically we are almost 36 weeks preggo (by everyone else's charts) but the ultrasound was estimating me to be about 39 weeks pregnant and had my estimated due date at April 21st.... not May 7th, like we have calculated! All b/c of Nate's measurements!

Today Nate'e weight estimated to already be 7lbs 10 oz!! Some of his measurements were at the 97% level for a newborn!! In fact I hunted around a bit for an average weight of newborns and it is 7 lbs 11 oz!! NEWBORNS!!!!!... we still have 4.5 weeks before we are full-term.

They said that the most a baby will gain is a 1/2 lb a week which makes the maximum that Nate could weigh at birth is like 2 more pounds or 9 lbs 10 oz!!! he would easily be my biggest baby... Chris was 8lbs 9 oz and the girls were both 7 lbs 14 oz!

The Plan
Right now because our vitals are great! Nate is healthy and head down! And that I have already birthed 3 decent sized babes.... The doctor is letting us continue normally:) I will hopefully just go into labor when it happens and Nate is ready (or my body is ready...LOL!).

We have to admit that we were a "little" disappointed that they weren't going to possibly start the discussion about inducing early because of his SIZE (it would be great to meet Nate soon!!)....

But I am MORE thankful that he's healthy and that the doctor has confidence that a normal labor and delivery is possible.... it just makes sense that my body would labor better if it's on it's own schedule... even though there could be uncomfortable days ahead... especially with the warmer weather and my ankles/feet/legs/hands!

Oh, and I am also glad that there is no other "special" concerns because that means I can see the midwives again and that they can deliver Nate!! It was going to be a little sad that I would have had to switch over to the doctors since I have had such great experiences with the midwives!

Thanks for all your prayers!! Everything looks good:) We will have a big, healthy baby boy in our arms in a little while longer;)


Erica said...

Well I always hoped they would let me go early since everyone was so big, but 4 out of 4 they made me wait. I measured at least a month bigger than I was supposed to be with Elliot...... :) hahaha! But honestly, that didn't happen with Isaac, and he was only a few ounces smaller. Go figure.

Praying for you!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Glad for all the good news! I know a lady who's babies were all 9 lbs OR MORE, and she never had a c-section. So big babies can be delivered just fine! :) Praying that your delivery is smooth and right on God's perfect timing!

jaclyn said...

gosh i bet by the time he is four months he will weight more than hannah!! lol....she was only 14 punds last week at 10 months!! crazy because YOU were smaller than me and my hubby weighs more and is a little taller than yours! how did i get the peanut?

grandma said...

I'm excited and so thankful!

Stacey said...

If you can grow it, you can deliver it :) I know they told me Bria would be huge, and she was only 8 pounds 2 ounces. Ultrasound can be off by at least a pound, so it's not really that accurate :)

3 for Me! said...

they stressed it is only an estimate... but what is a fact is that I am MEASURING at 39 weeks! So regardless of the inaccuracies of the ultrasound, I"m still measuring big and some of that is from his size.

Chris was 8 9 and 10 days early... so I"m thinking Nate will be similiar if not a little bit bigger:) We shall see!!

Jenny said...

I'm so glad the appointment went well! He really could be pretty big! My nephew was 6 1/2 weeks early and was 6 pounds 6 ounces. They said he would have been over 10 pounds if he was full term! YIKES!

Andrea said...

Don't you fret! God knows just how big he will be and how to get 'im outta there - lol! Our 3rd and 4th were both 11 (no - not a typo) pounds after I had gained 60lbs (with no gestational diabetes and I'm not overweight to start). In fact, they were my healthiest pregnancies - I ate better and felt better.
I hope that you aren't anxious but just happily awaiting? God is so good and He has you both in His hands! Blessings to you!