Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tiny Talk Tuesday

I'm starting to get the feeling that my kids are tired of me being tired:)

After repeated requests for something to drink. And my response being,"Just a minute."
Lydia (3 yrs): "Mommy, you have to stand up, to get me some juice."

Or any of my two youngest....
"Mommy, I'm done my stinky!" - hollered from the bathroom for the 100th time
Me: "I'm coming" - as I fight off the ligament cramps and get to the bathroom.
Their response: "I'm still waiting."

And I shared a Christopher joke last week, he's still at it!!

This time looking through his kiddie Bible, stopping at Jesus calming the storm.
Chris (4 yrs): Why did the stunk (aka skunk) get in the boat?
Us: ????
Chris: He wanted to make it a stinky boat. (And of course he laughs thinking it's a funny joke! We've got a wanna be comedian on our hands!!!)
This might be a "not me, Monday confession"!! But while eating spaghetti this week, Anna asked," Does this sauce have potatoes in it?"

Knowing what she was really trying to ask and that she depises tomatos and wouldn't finish her dinner, I only responded to the question she ASKED and not what she wanted to ask!! By the way, I had blended the sauce even more in an attempt to "hide" the tomatos... must have missed a few!!! So I said, "no."

She accepted the response and happily ate her food.

Then the next day while eating leftover spaghetti, Anna pulled out a chunk of tomato and said, "Mommy, I though you said it didn't have tomatos?" And I had to explain to her how I had tried to "trick" her when she had asked about potatos:)

Chris has been a very expressive kid:) But we got a chuckle this week as Lydia was hollering from the bathroom for help cleaning up. Brian looked at Chris trying to be serious and said, "Looks like you have to go clean her up!"

Chris looked up to the ceiling and rolled his eyes. Then he said,"Oh, brother!" LOL!!! So funny!!
We called the kids in for dinner this week. Chris came in but then stuck his head outside to holler something at Anna. He came in looking frustrated and so we asked him what was wrong. He responded, "Anna is not complying."
LOL!! We then asked what he meant and sure enough he had used the word "comply" correctly!!! Gotta love some PBSkids and Martha Speaks:)


Bunch of Barrons said...

Haha...I love the "oh brother". :) I know those kiddos are going to be so glad to meet their little brother any time now! :)

Jenny said...

LOL about Anna not complying! Hilarious!

Leah said...

"Anna is not complying"...love it!!