Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Teenager

As I think of having a newborn in the house, I look at the personalities already present in the house and wonder how our family dynamics will shift a bit with Nate's arrival???

I have an ACTIVE & creative little boy!!

A silly, sweet and tough little girl:) (in her Laura-Ingalls-Wilder hair)

And then my oldest...

my almost six yr old... going on sixteen... who no longer wants me to call her by her nickname "Banana" but by her middle name "Elizabeth" instead (a silly habit that's soo hard for this momma to break)!!!

Listening to her speak, she reminds me of myself..... she dreams of being a teacher. (A math teacher!!!) And I SEE it in her as she helps her siblings with their work or reads books to Lydia and Chris as I prepare a meal.

She attempts to be patient with her siblings that are constantly in her stuff. She begs to call her little friends to come play ( blossoming socially... after once being really shy).

I know the "teenage" years are coming!!

But I have really enjoyed having a kind and helpful little girl in my house. One that I now can sit and talk with! Or giggle with! One that helps me sooo much!!

I am soo blessed by my crew!!

And sooo refreshed by spending some fun, laid back outside time with them in the afternoons:)You Capture is week is "fresh"!!

May your father and mother be glad;
may she who gave you birth rejoice!
Proverbs 23:25


Jenny said...

You have the most adorable kids! I hear you about Anna being 6 going on 16. My Abby is the same way!

Stam House said...

Wow you little man got some skills!!! That is very impressive!!! Your daughters are just adorable!

They grow up so fast!

Jen said...

What beautiful children! I love the Laura Ingalls Wilder hair and the dress she's wearing!

Colleen said...

They grow up too fast!