Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Homemade Transformers and Guy-time

The kids love their Daddy.... like most kids!!! But I've started to notice that even the way they spend their time with Brian is different. They all love making visits and running errands with him (they always get stuck going with Mommy... LOL!!).

The girls love the time to curl into Brian's lap when they wake in the morning or in the evening before they go to bed. They love to sit and read books with Brian or "model" a new dress/outfit or hairstyle for him (and just beam with his compliments!!!).

But Chris is different..... oh, he loves the snuggles, books and compliments, too!! He loves it when his daddy gives him "dinosaur" hair!! But he also really needs "physical" time with his Dad... wrestling, chase, throwing a ball (or better yet throwing "soft" balls at each other)!

Last week while Brian and I enjoyed an afternoon "date", one of sweet church members stayed at the house with the kids. And they did tons of "projects"! One of the projects Christopher made were Transformers.... little men from foam that he cut out:) It wasn't until later that we learned what Chris' intentions were with the "Transformers".....

Transformer FIGHT with Daddy:)

The pictures don't exactly capture all the grunts, giggles and other special effects that really explained how much fun these two had with this "toy"!!

There is definitely something to be said for Daddys!! And how much their little boys need "guy" time with them:)

Wanted to share this about Chris.... the other night at Walmart he saw something he HAD to have!!! In fact the next morning he was digging through his "penny jar" collecting the amount of money he was going to need for his "special" purchase...

Yes, lined paper and sticky notes!!!! My son is obsessed with writing and drawing pictures on paper and will use gobs of paper each day.... so now he has his own stack to draw and write whatever his little heart pleases:)

Oh, and one of the sweetest things was that he shared the sticky notes with his sisters.... they were delighted as well:) And I've got a house covered in pictures on sticky notes.... stuck to EVERYTHING!!


Stam House said...

Awww what a sweet post! I love reading it!

Our daughters are Papa"s girl for sure, they do the same as yours, it must be a girl thing to do with their Dad.

WE don't know the gender of baby #3 but I would love for Harry to have a son to do guys thing with, Poor man is really being outnumbered over here!!!

Lane said...

The picture with the paper and sticky notes is just PRECIOUS! He is so proud. :)

Jenny said...

That picture of him with the paper and sticky notes is hilarious! What a cutie!

Abby loves to play rough with Daddy too. Plus she knows she can get away with more when she's with him ;)

Meg said...

So sweet! Having a son myself I love seeing Daddy/son bonding moments! I know I always love watching my two men hang out and Harrison sure can't seem to get enough time with his Dad. I know it must melt you to watch your two guys and think about how very soon Nate will be joining them!