Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why TONIGHT Would be a Good Night... LOL!!

I'm all about a baby coming when they are ready (with the health of baby and Mommie in mind, of course)!!!

But NATE.....

tonight would be great!!!!!!!

  • Tonight was the last night of our great revival. Mommy has had the opportunity to sit through each service (with your siblings mixed throughout the congregation) and be challenged! It's been a very spiritually challenging and emotionally encouraging week as we have spent time soo much time each night with church members and friends.

  • If you come after midnight, you'd fit right into our family's birthday pattern since tomorrow is the 29th!!

  • We've had three different church members offer to come and stay with your siblings on Thursday!!

  • Daddy could be home to lead Operation In As Much at our church on Saturday. I wouldn't be able to visit each group and take pictures.... but that's ok, I might not be up to it with you in my belly either:)

  • We have to visit the midwives on Thursday, anyway! Wouldn't it be nice just to come out and meet them in the morning and not wait until the afternoon??

  • Doesn't ONE more squished car ride in the belly sound better than two or more???

  • Does the fact that it's a full moon tonight mean anything for us???
***Of course if Nate decides to wait and we head to the OB office.... there will be some MAJOR triple shopping happening Thursday afternoon before I head home.... LOL!!!


Stam House said...

Love this post! and your writing style is awesome :-)

I read in you last post that you were feeling more cramping, that could be a good signs.

Keeps us updated is anything chance!

PS Nate was all are anxious to meet you buddy, anytime would be good for us too!!!

Stacey said...

Come out little Nate ;) Tonight WOULD be a good night!

Amanda @ My Everyday said...

Come out Nate! That's a birthday number tradition not to miss!!! I love finding patterns like that! :)

Sending labor/birth vibes your way!

Jenny said...

Too funny! I think it would be nice of him to save you the extra trip to town!

I'm getting so excited for you all to meet Nate! I can't wait for pics!

Kate said...

I think he's holding out until the 29th of NEXT MONTH!! :)

Teehee, j/k. Hopefully today's the day!!

Stacey said...

So now I'm sitting here DYING to know if you went in last night :)