Monday, April 12, 2010

Nesting & Preparation or Just Paranoid

This weekend I have had a little more energy and the feeling that I really have needed to have "stuff" together!

Maybe it was from Andrea's labor post, or us continuing to prepare for Nate or just that "feeling", but I pulled out our labor resources and started reviewing.... Oh, not me!!
Here is Anna helping me go through some cute outfits we picked up this week for Nate:) Gotta love some Once Upon a Child.... soo affordable and cute;)

***BTW, one of the resources talks about the signs of pre-labor.... I've experienced a few in the last few days... LOL!!! Probably a sign of just being a little paranoid especially since I'm not 37 weeks until the end of the week!

One night I just climbed into bed "early" just to read about labor. I was also very uncomfortable and thought it wise just to go to bed. Poor Brian came in to check on me.... complaining about cramps, reading labor books, being in bed "early"... I sooo didn't have him worried that we'd be making a trip to the hospital that night. And definitely not worried enough for HIM to start reading the labor books as well:)

Also while I watched the kids outside, I started working on their "daily schedule" and meals while Brian and I are in the hospital having Nate. I'm hoping the "schedule" is just useful for whoever keeps the kids, but the meals are soo needed with the food allergies!! We really want the kids to be safe! It's comforting for us and those watching them that there are "safe" foods/meals already planned and ready!

So as Brian headed to town for visitation, I totally handed him my list of groceries that needed to be picked up to complete the meal plans for the kids. I know he was thinking, "Does this have to be done TODAY?" But I'm in a stage where I need to feel like we're "ready"!! So, I did send my husband to the grocery store for items we may not need for weeks.... without concern about sales or coupons, yes, I did!

Sunday afternoon/evening I baked 4 loaves of banana bread to use up the old bananas AND prepare food for Brian and I to take to the hospital (due to more allergy concerns)... yes, I did!!

Do I put those in the freezer or will we need them in 10 days or less????

LOL!!! I'm starting to wonder if I'm nesting or just a bit paranoid and "jumping the gun"???


Anonymous said...

I have started to have these feelings too. When I realized that I could be having him in less then 2 weeks. I was so exhausted when I got home yesterday, but I started cleaning like crazy. LOL! I have so much to do. I don't even have a hospital bag packed! Dustyn's was just a scheduled c-section so I packed it like the day before. LOL! How many weeks were you when you went into labor with your other kids?

3 for Me! said...

Chris was 10 days early. Anna was 5 days early and Lydia was a week late- I had to be induced(but my body had shown early labor signs THAT morning)!

So having Nate within a week or so, isn't likely! But it's strange how URGENT some of these silly tasks feel to me! Glad my hubby is willing to "humor" me and my requests!

Drea said...

i nested at like 25 weeks lol ur not jumping the gun! if anything ur behind! lol

I think you will get it all done before he comes tho :) I say hes born at week 38.