Friday, April 16, 2010

37... measuring 40!!!!

Christopher and I had back-to-back doctor's appointments Thursday.... my way to save some mula is to get MANY tasks completed when we head into town!! And we definitely did.... 2 appointments, 2 grocery stops, lunch with Grammie and Pey and playtime/drinks at Sonic (Chris' reward, my excuse)!!

So yes, we are finally 9 months (37 weeks) and ready to go at anytime!!

I was happy to see the midwives again... I love being in their HALL:) Anyway, today she just shook her head and said, "He's going to be BIG!" She measured me and sure enough I"m still measuring a few weeks BIG!! I measured 40!!!

So tell me... what happens when I'm 40 weeks??? DO I stretch to 43 weeks preggo... might get new stretch marks then:)

Actually, my widwife said that she doesn't think I'll go much longer!! That of course is her guess and it builds my hope that we'll meet Nate a little earlier.... but the reality is that Nate will come when it's time!

The conversation of inducing DID come up.... I think it's on file that I have a legitimate reason to be induced at 39 weeks!! I was induced with Lydia, so I'm not totally against it, but I've also been through a very "easy" little medical intervention with Chris and THAT is the way I hope we can go again!!

I am thankful for this time of "preparation" we have had!! We got in a maternity shoot with Andrea this week! And the results were beautiful:)

We are also using each morning to school.... Anna is just days/lessons from completing the core of her 1st grade work!! (That's it's own post!!)

On the physical front, I am doing well. I am still doing all the mommy and housewife tasks! My ankles, feet, toes... look like a BLOB at the end of the night... but besides feeling gross, it's not really "painful".

The ligament cramps and PMS-like cramps have caused some loss of sleep this week, but those are expected with the size of Nate and how far along I am now.

I gained some more weight this week... more than I was hoping.... but my new cravings have been soymilk/fruit shakes, fresh fruit and Sonic peach tea mixed with water (that stuff is SWEET)!

Nate is still moving a little more now! It has kept me up a little, but after MOST of the pregnancy not feeling him as much, his pushes and bumps are very comforting! he is doing more too... so maybe he's gearing up to meet his excited siblings;)

My midwives' estimated weight today was 8.5 pounds!! It's just an estimation... but that's a lot of baby for being 37 weeks;)

I mentioned that Chris also had an appt, too, today!! I was soo proud of how well he patiently waited for the nurse and then the doctor. He was soo obedient and did so well with the eye-sight and hearing tests... he looked sooo cute (didn't grab my camera fast enough)!

He now weighs 40 pounds and is 41 1/2 inches tall!! He's grown 3 inches in less than a year... I think most of that growth spurt happened just a month or two ago when he started fitting in the pants that were too big earlier in the winter!!

We did have a breakdown with his ONE shot.... but after that he was back to himself... loving the all the attention of Grammie, Pey and Mommy!!

His reward for being soo great at every stop and appt was to go to SONIC!! So that was our last stop as we headed home;) It was a little strange for him to be a Sonic without his sisters... he looked like a "lost" puppy for a bit, not having anyone to play with at first! But he soon found some other kids and jumped right in;)

A busy but fun day!!! I was sooo thankful that Grammie and Pey stopped by to spend time with us as they passed through on their way home. We LOVE having them at this new and closer job:) They were soo helpful with Chris and even kept him while I was with my midwife... made the appt go by fast;)

Next week it's Lydia and I with the back-to-back appts.... if we don't meet Nate first!!! LOL!!


Stam House said...

Just a few more weeks left :-) maybe less !!!! If you are retaining lots of fluid you might have also lots of fluid inside too (amniotic)that would explain the bigger then date!

But Nate might also be a big boy, who knows.

will be praying for you and that things move along a bit sooner :-)

Drea said...

8.5 and u have 3 more weeks?! wow hes going to be born the size Owen is now LOL, bless ur heart!
I really do think it will be soon 2, u look like u've dropped since a week ago and ur just so small... I cant imagine u carrying a baby that size to 40! ur lil uterus is working over time!

Im glad we got ur maternity pics in! i will finish them up soon :) ive been slack and havent finished the final few hehe.. but you should have them by next wednesday (IF UR STILL PREGNANT) and if not ill bring them to you at the hospital :-)

Glad u had some alone time with Chris 2... thats so special. I hope to have a date with Caleb soon alone.. then with Taite. They love that single attention.

Oh and that nurse was Owens nurse the last time :)

designHER Momma said...

I'm ready for you. Bring on that baby. so exciting!

Jenny said...

How exciting! That baby will be here before you know it!

Nate is getting so big. I'm glad he did well with the stops today.

Oh and I was in Florida this past week and tried Rita's, because I had read it on one of your posts. YUMMY! I had the Blendini with vanilla custard, vanilla ice and sprinkles. Delicious!

Aura said...

Love the picture of your silhouette in the sand. You have a beautiful family and it's getting ready to become even more beautiful with the soon to happen arrival of #4. I will be anticipating some baby pictures.

Meg said...

I love the maternity picture with all the kids around you-precious! You have such a great family, Nathan is very blessed to be joining your family!

Anonymous said...

Don't be afraid about the messaure or whether it is the 37 week or 40 week now. Most important is that you have finsihed week 36 as this is the week where the lungs are finished. From this moment each baby is ready to enter the life. So don't be afraid about Nate's health. Just look forward to see him.
PS: Perhaps you are calculated wrong?