Monday, April 5, 2010

On the Other Side

Andrea posted Owen's Birth Slideshow today! HERE it is....

I know I am one of the most excited that she was able to put it together since I was able to be involved and do some of the pictures for her (until she felt well enough to get the camera into her hands again.... LOL!!).

I'm not sure where to begin how I got to be involved;)

Let's just say that when Andrea approached me about photographing the birth, I was very hesitant!! VERY, very hesitant..... first ME taking pictures for Andrea... she's a GREAT photographer, I am NOT!!! Then ME being at her baby's birth... like labor, and delivery and everything...

To say I was hesitant, honored and even overwhelmed is putting it mildly!

So for months I've been working with her manual SRL to figure out "How in the world am I going to take decent pics of this once-in-a-lifetime event???" And Andrea also gave me some websites/slideshows to watch for "inspiration"!

But on that Friday morning, I learned 1st hand the range of emotions from being "on the other side" of delivering a baby... the anxious friend in the room, quietly cheering you on and trying to work your SRL camera:)

I feel like part of the experience was very comfortable because I had the same midwife deliver Lydia and for all three deliveries I didn't have an epidural! So there were a lot of times I very much knew what was going on because I have been there.....

But in many ways I wasn't a participant, but in other ways everyone in the room is a participant when you are talking about a delivery room. As Andrea labored, I "felt" every contraction, I wanted to start the slow breathing to "help" her get through it.... or as she was pushing, so wanted to "help" her push!

I wanted my friend to have a great delivery and a healthy little boy! But during those intense moments at the end, as the doctor was called and Andrea was just exhausted.... we all felt the intensity of the birth....

And then there was Owen!!

A nurse had quietly told me to NOT take pictures before Owen had been checked over by the NICU.... so I held the camera but not snapping away... until the actual doctor brought Owen up and said, "Did you get a pic of him, yet?" or something like that!!!!

My eyes quickly filled-up... all was well!! Owen was healthy! Andrea did it!! (Oh, wait, doc.... I need to get that picture!!!) LOL!!

It was truely amazing to be a part of the miracle of Owen's birth and Andrea's labor!!

Some have asked if being with Andrea in labor has affected my own labor plans in a month or so! Well, yes and no..... :)

Having had my three without an epidural I will still go that route!! While the level of pain is intense with an epidural-free birth, I still feel confident that it's the best way for us. If anything Andrea's labor was encouraging because she did it as her 3rd birth!!

The staff that attended Andrea were amazing. They had her in different positions for pushing that really helped.... I remembering telling the midwife, "I need to do that when I labor this time." So I learned some new ways to labor as well:) And I'm SOOOOO hoping Nate will come when Andrea's nurse is on-duty... I'm asking for HER by NAME!!!

It was also nice that while Andrea labored and described some of her pain, I could identify some of the "stages of labor". I have always found it comforting to know the "stages" because you know your body is working right. You know the pain/feeling is normal. And you know that the end is getting closer!! So I am TOTALLY reviewing my laboring information so I can be "prepared"!

I've totally been "sitting the fence" about having someone attend the birth to take pictures.... I have already been questioning myself about this after the few that Andrea posted from her delivery and now with the SLideshow!! I have some of when I had Anna... my mom was snapping away, so a little more graphic than I'd like... LOL!! So this conversation has been restarted in our house as we prepare for our labor and delivery of Nate:) We will see!!

The other side of labor & delivery is amazing and I definitely got to see the miracle and "enjoy" it without the pain:)

You did AWESOME Andrea and Travis!! And Thank you for letting me be the "fly on the wall".


Jenny said...

I just watched the slide show! You took awesome pics! WooHoo! I could so feel the pain for her.

Kate said...

Yes, what an HONOR! I need to go check out the slideshow...

Drea said...

im so glad u were there!! and i love all the pics you took! they even have their own style to them, seriously. theres one where they are bringing me owen for the 1st time... its out of focus but it has just enough focus on the nurse smiling and my eye that it MAKES for the perfect picture. I just love it.

You def. should have someone there to do Nates birth experience :) im available if you need me :) if not i understand that time is very personal 2. So I wont have hurt feelings either way but would def. feel honored if i was there.

If we have any more you are going to be at their births 2 LOL!

Davene said...

Wow, you did great with that slide show! Very well done!! And you're right - it's such an honor to be present when someone gives birth. I got to do that once for a friend - and that was before I had my own children so I was really freaked out. :)