Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TIny Talk Tuesday

Lydia woke me early, VERY early one morning.... she came into my room carrying her blanket and water cup (not a good sign, but SUPER cute)!!!

Lydia (3 yrs old): Tan I flweep with you?
Me: No, Mommy can't even sleep right now with her tummy. Lets go potty and talk.

So I bring her to the potty.
Me: Why can't you sleep in your bed?
Lydia: Dares a big bug in dare!
Me: Oh, well let's so find it so you can sleep. how big is it?
Lydia: Hmm, it's a whittle bug.

I get into her room and check a few places and didn't see a THING (of course)! So in my most serious- it's 2 am- I know what I'm talking about voice, I say, "Maybe he flew into Christopher's room?"

Lydia climbed into bed and slept the rest of the night. No concern for her brother and the BIG bug in his room... LOL!!!

Chris tried to tell his best joke this week.

Chris: Why did I put my finger in my nose?
Girls: ????
Chris: Because I had a boogie in it! (and then he starts laughing)

Life with a little boy!!

Brian and the kids were finishing a meal at the table and Brian held up a chip and asked the kids what it looked like. I"m not sure what answer he was looking for... maybe "triangle".

Anna answers, "Mount Olympus."

LOL!! She WAS getting details during our history reading that afternoon.

Speaking of history, Anna is NOT a FAN.... but she made a plan this morning that if she happliy did her history that she could get a temporary tattoo.

After a rough morning of attempting to keep up with the kids, homeschool, clean up some of our clutter and laundry, by after-lunch history I was ready for MY NAP!!!

I grabbed the history books and plopped on the couch. And called Anna.... this is usually when I hear some grumbling like "oh, more history" or "Mommy, I don't like history can I take a nap instead" (might have taken her up on it today)!!!

Instead I was surprised with, "Oh, I like history. Are we going to learn more about the Greeks!!"

I seriously did a double take and asked her to repeat herself. When I thanked her for her happy heart, she said,"Yes, I've got a happy heart so I can get a tattoo." I had totally forgotten.... but NOT her;)

Might have to stock up on some more of those;) Anything to get us through history.... lets just say that it will definitely be a apart of our summer reading and activity schedule!!

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Jenny said...

LOL about the bug in Lydia's room. That is so funny.

Andrea said...

LOL! Yup - ya find a reward that works and they WON'T forget about it! But in my house, my boys would say, "Why did I put my finger on the wall?" Answer: "To get the booger OFF of it!" Ewewewewew I tell you!
Happy TTT!