Friday, April 23, 2010

38 Weeks and the Birthday Pattern

I'm 38 weeks now..... honestly at 36 weeks when I was told how big he was, I didn't think I'd get this far..... but I'm here:)

To say, I'm doing well and a "happy camper" would be a little stretch..... this week I have felt even more limited by the swelling.... it's soo limiting and uncomfortable by the evening! But I have still remained busy in (and out) the house taking care of the family and the house.

Each night I have spent time cleaning and tidying "just in case"!! So my house is probably cleaner than normal.... at least it seems like it to me:) And my laundry has been caught up and manageable (why does it seem easier now??).

Emotional, too!!! I'm not sure why I'm letting little things really get under my skin? isn't that supposed to come AFTER the baby comes???

My sleeping has changed the last week or two.... while preggo ladies are KNOWN for all the pillows stacked around them, I have actually started to use less!! I have one for my legs and one for my head.... LOL!!! My belly hs gotten soo big that I don't need the support anymore and I've been having a less problems with ligaments..... gooo figure:)

I've been commenting that Nate is really moving around now. His movements are still (usually) very calm but more and more obvious and strong. In fact there have been times when I thought I was having contractions but it was just Nate pushing in a few different directions!

He also has been getting the hiccups more. I've actually noticed that he gets them when I haven't eaten or drank for a while (just busy with the kdis) . He's my little "alarm clock" saying,"Mommy it's time to drink something!"

I think I've mentioned our birthday pattern on the blog before... but all of our birthdays are in the last part of certain months. Like this!

  • 24th - Me

  • 25th - Chris

  • 26th - Lydia

  • 27th - Anna

  • 28th - Brian

Anna and Chris were both due in the following month but came days earlier at the end of the previous month. Like Anna, she was due in early June, but came 5 days early on May 27th :) Lydia was the exception.... she was due in the middle of the month but then was a week late, we could have induced a day earlier, but we didn't want to induce and wanted to give her one more day to come on her own:)

So..... if Nate is following the "pattern"... LOL!! He should have come TODAY (the 23rd) or next Thursday (the 29th)!!! LOL!!!! Honestly, it would be fun if he did "fit" the pattern... but I'll take ANY day now:)


Jenny said...

You look great! I bet that swelling is getting pretty annoying though.

Your birth numbers are so funny. That would be pretty cool if he were born the 29th!

Stam House said...

Look at that cute belly of yours! I'm keeping your family in prayers

Drea said...

wow thats strange abt the birth numbers! lol kinda cool tho!
Travis' siblings are like that.
I am not sure whos is who but his brother is born on like the 7th, his sis on the 8th and him on the 9th. THe only one whos not in the pattern is his other sister missy. But I thought that was kinda neat 2 :)
I like that owen was born on the 19th tho because it helps me remember taite is the 18th.. i always mix up taites bday thinking he was the 19th (he was born 5 minutes or so before midnight on the 18th).

i hope ur swelling calms some.. but i know it prob wont, just try to take it easy!!

and i was super irritable at the end of my pregnancy 2... hormones do a number on u and u honestly just dont feel great at that point... so its normal. :) ur not alone there

Bunch of Barrons said...

That's so cool about the birthdays! :) glad you are feeling better in some ways. Hopefully not too much longer!

Meg said...

Sounds like you are using "nesting" to your advantage! My house was the cleanest it had ever been in the days leading up to Harrison's arrival!
That is really neat about the birthdays! You look great!

Amy - AKA - TigerMommie said...

Wow...that would be so cool if he was born on the 29th!!!
We have a birthday sort of thing too, but it's not so much numbers as month. I think half of the birthdays in my family are from the end of Sept through Oct....
Sept 21/24/25/27 Oct 2/6/7/13/21
And this next little one is due right in the middle of it all!

EB Landry said...

Our family was the same way about birth dates until little miss bella came a week early:)
Hubby: 27
Son Jude: 28
Me: 29

Bella: 21 but was due on the 26