Saturday, December 26, 2009

I told you....

A couple of days ago I mentioned that the kids had enjoyed listening to a reading Luke 2 from a CD that Brian had picked up FREE somewhere. Everytime we have been in the car the last 2 weeks they have asked to listen to it numerous times... over and over.

I have to admit that I am a little surprised that they request and listen to it soo much. And it has sparked some conversations about Jesus' birth which have been fun and natural teaching moments.... ahh, don't you love those:)

Anyway, on Christmas morning as we were traveling to see my siblings, the kids requested to listen to the Christmas Story. In the back I heard Chris reciting some of the passage....

The video is a just a piece of the recording. It's hard to hear and he was doing it quietly with the CD! But even for him to mouthing part of the verses of Luke 2 was very, very SWEET to hear:)

Oh and I love his expressions afterward, when he realizes I was recording him:)

This CD was definitely a great find!! And has been a wonderful way to keep our Christmas season focused on our Savior coming as a baby!!

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