Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Christmas Blessings

Focus on the Reason

It was nice that we did purposely focus our Christmas preparations with Christ... from reading Christ prophecy boxes, nativity countdown, the Luke 2 reading and our own church services.

Sure there is more that I'd love to add to our Christmas preparations that focus us more! But I have been soo glad to incorporate what we could and did this year! And I have been blessed as my kids have explained the Christmas Story to me and others!!

Time with Family
Christmas Day we ventured out to my parents' house to have Christmas "lunch" with my family. My parents were working last week, so it was just the siblings and our "families"!! It actually worked out really well and I was soo glad for some time getting to know the girlfriends of my brothers:) Both are super sweet!!

Saturday after Christmas, we had Brian's family over our Christmas with them! We ate a simple meal and spent the day "hanging out"!! It's soo great marry into such a sweet family... I am blessed indeed!

A major part of celebrating Christmas in America is gift giving and receiving. We enjoyed finding some gifts for family members, others are a challenge to buy for:) But we are grateful that we were able to exchange gifts with our loved ones!!

One of the hardest things for me is accepting gifts.... I've always felt uncomfortable accepting gifts. But we are blessed with family, friends and church members that are always soo generous to us throughout the year. We are soo grateful for everyone's generousity to us!

Our Home
I know it's winter, but it's been soo cold and wet lately!! We were soo thankful for our little warm and comfortable house during those cold, wet days! And even having the ability to having our family at our house and feed them!

I should also mention that the church bought a new oven 2 weeks ago for the parsonage! The old oven had many older parts that needed to be replaced. And because it was an old model the pieces were a challenge to find and our church decided that it was time for a new oven:) Oh, it's sooo nice:) So we enjoyed cooking our holiday dinners in our new oven!!

How were you reminded of the blessings that you have (and enjoy) this Christmas season?

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