Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pray for a MIRACLE!

My heart is burdened and my hands are folded...

We have a sweet family in our town that is really struggling. Their 5 year old son, Josh, was diagnosed over 1.5 years ago with Gorham's Disease. Thankfully, they have learned to treat and take care of Josh... enough for the family to participate in community, school and church activities:) We have gotten to know them better through VBS and Awana:)

But this week as Josh was receiving his bi-weekly treatment, something happened. We're not sure what or why but Jennifer (his mom) had it explained to her that his brain was "angry"!

So this sweet little boy has been in ICU since Tuesday night, truly fighting for his life!! The prognosis isn't good... doctors told his parents that Josh is probably completely paralysed, he has fluid in one of his lungs that needs to be drained and other health issues. When he is alert he can see and move his eyes. His mother has to encourage him and help him not be frustrated with his limitations (a frustration she can see in his eyes).

Please PRAY!!! Jennifer shared this afternoon that we have to
pray for a MIRACLE for JOSH!!!
And Pray for his family... that strength, stamina and peace would be on them as only the LOrd can give!

*The picture was taken of Josh in July 2008 when his family came over to play and enjoy a popsicle picnic with us!! What a great little kid this guy is and such a fun and sweet family!!! We pray for more "picnics" together!

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