Friday, December 4, 2009

Loving to Learn Together

I love the classical model we are following for many really good reasons:) But one reason that I have enjoyed it sooo much is that we do a lot together.... right now while Lydia and Christopher are just doing preschool/kindergarten we aren't even really feeling the benefit of all!!! It will be really nice when I have different grade levels for math, reading, writing and grammer but we come together for Bible, science and history:)

This year Anna and I have tried to include Christopher and Lydia in our science studies, which has been pretty simple because we've been learning about different animals:) Today was one of those "sweet" times where we read our books about pandas together, did our fact sheet, and got to work on making some pandas:)

They LOVED their pandas:) All were willing to take some pictures with their new little friends... they even named them:)

*** While this "project" was super simple for Anna and really just a following directions activity, she enjoys the break from books and worksheets! It's nice for her to have some "fun schooltime" with her younger siblings that get a little more play time than her:) And who didn't enjoy ART class???

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Anonymous said...

All the pandas are looking great!