Monday, December 21, 2009

Not Me!! Monday - Balancing Christmas Stress!

So if my trip last week wasn't enough...

After reading over my "to do" and "to get" list, I've come to the conclusion that I must venture back into town with the kiddies, making many tiny stops!! I know they can handle it and did sooo well last week.... but I'm wondering????

Why didn't I do this EARLIER????

Seriously the ideas and decorations I had planned to have up this year are still half done... most of the Christmas cards are sent, the wreaths and Christmas tree are up, and the Christmas dishes are down (so the kids are excited).... but there are still items I need to get for gifts and meals, my mantle really needed some Christmas touches and my outdoor decor is dead or not lit (hmmm... should have thought how to get power to the lights first... duh!)!!

When I look around to what NEEDS to be done and what I'd LIKE to have done.... it can be overwhelming! BUT then I am reminded the of the reason and the heart of Christmas....

*We've really enjoyed a CD Brian found in a free box at a homeschooling store. in September... it contains Christmas carols by well-known Christain artists as well as a reading of Luke 2 from the New Living Translation. The kids LOVE listening to the story and I'm thankful for this awesome way to celebrate Christmas while in the car!

*While I'm out, I've really tried to be cordial and sweet to other people... shoppers, cashiers, and managers!! I remember working at Christmas and dealing with all the disgruntle shoppers... it is really ugly to behold... yes, even when a young college student takes a SUPER parking spot when it is sleeting outside and you've been shopping with 3 kids ALL DAY!! I took a deep breath and then found another :)

*When the kids and I make the time we have been using our advent calendar and a set of prophecy boxes to count down to Christmas. The calendar is cute with little velcro figures to use each year. The prophecy boxes are a little above the kids' head... but when I explain the background of how Jesus fulfills each, they sit still and ask questions and really seem interested. And it's kind of fun to celebrate/remember Jesus' whole life during Christmas!

So maybe the un-lit lights out front and the un-Christmasy mantle can just be like that this year (and probably next year, too)! And we can just finish those few things that NEED to be done and continue to enjoy the season of Christmas and not stress about the extras:) And maybe our company will over-look the floors that need another cleaning :)

Easier said than done!!

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