Friday, December 4, 2009

Hooked On Friday.... the Name Game

Since we find out Baby's gender next week, we have been talking "Names" all week:) The list continues to grow and the discussion continues:) When we played the Name Game during our first pregnancy we discussed having a pattern to all our future kids' names. And so far we've followed the pattern... first name is biblical and the middle name is from the family!

The funny thing is that with both Anna and Christopher, we were solid with their names before we knew whether they were a boy or girl. On the way to the appt with Anna we were solid about naming her Anna and a little worried that we weren't sure of a boy name:) LOL... we were a little relieved that Anna was a girl since we liked her name soo much:) And our experience with Chris was the same!!

Lydia was a little different! We brainstormed names in the van with family members on the way to the appt and we all liked Lydia (not settled on a middle name though) and were still debating a boy's name.

So as we discuss names, I keep wondering if we are sure about names from one gender versus the other. Or are we talking about boys' names more versus girls' names???

So we are Hooked ON the name game... and probably will be until we find one we think we both like:)Oh, I really liked this site for baby names:)


Amanda@ My Everyday said...

Oh I hope that's a good sign for me! We never 100% agreed on a girl's name until this pregnancy. The other two we always had a solid boy's name early on. We are 100% on our girl name and keep changing our boy name this time around. :) Good luck on names!

Jenny said...

We never did have a boy's name picked out, so it's a good thing we had a girl!

Anonymous said...

I just have taken a look to the site you added and guess what is different for our countries? You probably know that there is a favorite list for girls anf boys and for my surprise Noah is number 1 on the girls list while here Noah is most times used for boys. My youngest cousin's name by the way. I did know Noa as a girl's name because of an Israelic singer and one of my co-workers gave to his daugther, but they must gave a middle name to her because they say here Noa(h) is a boy's name.

For you name list: Abigail - source of joy. Just jumped to my eyes as I think your pregnancy is a joy for you.