Thursday, December 31, 2009

I love him MORE!

Today is fun day for Brian and I as we remember our "history".

I've blogged our engagement story before, you can read it HERE! And HERE are some pictures from that day:) Here is the song mentioned on that blog:) We loved how they "fell in love" in autumn and that their engagement also happens on a mountain:)

If you know our story (or just read it) you'll know that I was quite surprised when Brian proposed... we'd only known each other for about 4 months!! And looking back there was MUCH I didn't know about him or he knew about me...

But there is no doubt that we were paired together perfectedly (as much as two imperfect people can be paired). We have weathered our share of "storms" and joys throught our 7.5 years of marriage and each has brought us closer.

As I was listening to the Bebo Norman song this morning, I was reminded that marriage is HARD but it is through God's grace and the grace, service and compassion that we extend to each other that allow us to enjoy and grow in our marriage:)

I KNOW I loved Brian that day on the mountain, but I know that I love him WAY, WAY more now!!!

Happy Engagement Day, Brian!!!
Happy New Year's to Everyone Else:)


Jenny said...

I have to go read the story now! Happy engagement day!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Congratulations! :) It will be 5 years for us this summer...time flies when you're having fun! :)