Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WW: Making Cousin Giggle

When we had the opportunity to get family pictures, it was cute to see the cousins together once again. Like I said I wasn't able to get my normal picture of Lydia and Hannah... but these cute cousin pictures with their Grammie and Pey are fun, too!!

One of the challenges with taking our kids' pictures was getting them to smile... especially little Hannah Grace (6 months)!! While we were getting ready and hunting down some fun spots...

the kids entertained Hannah (being worn by Grammie...he hhee)!! It was soo funny watching them jump up and down and be super silly to get HUGE smiles from Hannah Grace. So sweet:) too bad these smiles weren't saved for the actual photos:)

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Jenny said...

Those smiles are sweet! That first picture with the grandparents is so cute!

Buggys said...

What a wonderful picture with the grands! You have a bunch of cuties there.

Felicia said...

Those are gorgeous pictures.. so sweet!