Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Works for me Wednesday - Holiday Survival Tips (for me next year)

I've already "confessed" that I was NOT as prepared as I wanted to be this Christmas as I wanted to be!!

So as I reflect about things that could have made the "last minute crunch" and actual family gatherings easier, I decided to blog and "share"!!

* Pack Christmas decor so that it is "ready to use"..... yes, I had lights up outside this year, but no way to give them POWER!! Brian is helping me to brainstorm ways and collect power cords for next year. This will make it a little easier to decorate right after Thanksgiving next year!

*Speaking of Christmas decor:) I was able to stock up on some wrapping paper, lights and some Christmas candles, for next year, the day after Christmas at 50% to 75% off:) Nice!!! So now I have a little more to work with and I got them for GREAT prices!!

*One thing I did RIGHT and plan to do again is to stock up on Christmas supper items during the Thanksgiving food sales:) While Thanksgiving can also be "busy" it doesn't seem to be "as busy". It was really nice to have most of the items for our Christmas supper already in the cupboards or freezer!

*I loving sending out Christmas cards.... I usually do a photocard and Christmas letter to keep our extended family and friends updated, since I'm soo bad keeping intouch with people! This year we learned how to turn our Excel address book into a Mail Merge and just print the addresses on the envelopes (we need to work on getting the return label !). So easy and eliminates the $ for labels!

*CUPS!!! With having 7 or 8 adult cups on one table is sooo confusing PLUS everyone ends up changing (or throwing out) their cups because they don't know which is theirs! At my parents' house we used disposable and just wrote our names with Sharpies... ghetto, I know:) At my house, we had Anna make quick namecards where we could set our glasses:) Both worked well and I was thinking what a "fun" project namecards could be for the kids to make for everyone next year... even to "set" the table with to help with the "where do I sit" confusion!

Ahhh, feels soo nice to feel a little more organized for next year... there are all sorts of fun posts this week at Works For Me Wednesday at We are That Family:)


Young Wife said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

LOL at the ghetto cups! We do that all of the time. It's the easiest way.